Event Instructions

Fight the invasion by squishing Rigellians in your town. Repel invaders in your friends’ towns too!

Earn Treat Bags and other cool prizes. Treat Bags are bursting with treats, as well as a few tricks!

Then convert your tricks and treats into prizes.


36 thoughts on “Event Instructions

  1. Looks like a fun event…different from last year, but I always like a good sci-fi theme, and who can resist baby Kang and Kodos?!

  2. I updated the halloween event however the toolbar that shows how to acquire treats is not showing up what do i need to do. I just have a 4g metro phone.

  3. When the new updates started, I had to log in again. My origin is showing the correct name but it is not my town or level. It is a level 16, my level was 45. I hope this can be fixed. Any help would be appreciated.

    • I believe you’re suffering from the ‘wrong town’ glitch where, while the game says it’s you, it’s actually another players town altogether. Have you tried logging out and back in? Sometimes that works!

      • I finally got it. Had to log in and out a few times, it finally went to my town. Thank you.

    • I had trouble. It took forever to update, but it finally completed and I have not had any issues with it since. Hopefully it stays that way.

    • Try resetting your kindle. Hold in the off button until your kindle shuts down, then restart, see if that puts it on the apps in your store. It is in the Amazon store on my kindle, so it should come up. Let me know how you make out.

      • I’ve tried turning it on and off , checked it hourly nothing still shows the clash photo in the app store never had this problem before with the Simpson’s. I gone have to get in touch with help line soon if continues.

      • That is odd. Ours switched late afternoon yesterday. We have two internet connections in our home. I found out later that mine did not work as well as all the rest of my kids, turned out the one I was connected to was not working well with the Simpson’s game. Once I switched, it worked great. If you have access to another connection, maybe give that a try. Good luck and keep me posted.

  4. Has anyone else noticed that the aliens in your neighbors towns are not giving probes anymore just money & FP or is it just mine???

    • Yes! It seems like after you collect a certain amount of probes you just start getting money and FP. I guess there is a daily limit of aliens you can collect? 😦

  5. Having trouble playing on Kindle Fire. After the update it was fine until this afternoon. Now the game does not want to open at all, even after restarting. If it does open, I can’t leave my town without getting bounced. Any ideas? All my other games are fine.


  7. How on earth do you shoot down ufos in your town? I have 3 ammo and I’m tapping the heck out of it but they fly away

    • You need to buy the ray gun with doughnuts to shoot the UFO down in your town. It costs 150 doughnuts and once the UFO is shot down it unlocks Kudos.

  8. I cannot squish all of the aliens that are dropped in my town. Are some stronger than others? Do I need a specific weapon to do this?

  9. Hi, I’m upgrading the weapon level with the nails, I’m on level 11 but I haven’t got any of the prizes it said that I’ve craft. That are not in my inventory box. So where are they???

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