Small Change To The Daily Bonus

EA have implemented a small change to the daily bonus system whereby instead of receiving a mystery box on day 5, you will now receive a Gold Treat Bag. These contain things like event currency and, if your lucky, doughnuts!

This change should revert back to normal once the event comes to an end! Image obtained from the EA forums.


10 thoughts on “Small Change To The Daily Bonus

  1. I’ve downloaded app and have the Halloween theme but can’t capture any of the green things on neighbours? Have the aliens shack built is there a bug? Also don’t have the mini bar like my friends have?

    • you recently started?

      you need to build a shop wich costs 2000 (forgot the name but its in the quest) after that you need to do some short quests. most people havent started the event. only the ones who spend donuts to speed up the building and jobs

  2. My glitch is back. Once again when I log in I am stuck in someone else’s town. I have tried turning my kindle off and on, logging in and out numerous times and still stuck. Any other ideas?

    • I removed Simpson’s from my kindle, put it back on, this time my town showed up, thank goodness. Any idea why this keeps happening, and any ideas how to prevent it in the future?

    • I’m playing on Kindle Fire too, and all was well until a few minutes ago. Now I can’t even get the game to open, and when it does open I can’t visit anyone else’s town or it bumps me off. Obviously something is wrong.

      • Thanks, I did finally get my town back, however I hold my breath every time I go to get back into my town, as I am never sure whether it will be my town or not. I too am having issues getting on, and if I do, staying on is another matter. I am sure EA will get the glitches worked out soon enough. Enjoy tapping: )

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