Treehouse of Horror 2014 Prizes

Here’s the full list of prizes available this year. Currency totals required to obtain them will be available soon. It appears that these items are obtained via CRAFTING and not by achieving a certain amount of currency. There appears to be FIVE different kinds of currency, three of which look to be used to craft various items.

Grand Pumpkin

Pumpkin House

Rigellian Queen


Rigellian Tribal Hut


(Playable Character)

Spooky House

Currency Pack
(Used To Craft Prizes)

Spooky Wall

Human Test Subject

Rigellian Shrub

Mutant Peacock

(Character With No Tasks)

Doughnut Torture Device


(Character With No Tasks)



U. B. O.

(Unidentified Burns-Like Object)

More info on the way, stay tuned!


25 thoughts on “Treehouse of Horror 2014 Prizes

  1. I hope, this isn’t as completely fuckup like the easter event with the golden eggs, which gives you crap fences or pink eggs. 😉
    The last Halloween was nice, but I didn’t finished it (only 25000/38000 i think).

    • From what I understand, the prizes appear as though they are on a rotation system where they will be available for a certain amount of time and then switched out for new ones.

      I should mention though that I decided to to skip the initial build this time as it’s only 8 hours so I can’t give a definitive answer right now!

  2. Mines not updated properly or I have glitch so I can’t scroll so cannot craft grand pumpkin, Hugo. I can only keep crafting spooky walls and human specimen

  3. I’m worried considering it takes a ton of candy and stuff to get some of these and we only have 10 more days to get em before they switch out!

  4. I tapped and tapped for the Mutant Peacock, but I am now up to 3500 probes … Nothing has happened, No Peacock, No message, Nothing 😦

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  6. How the heck do you get the Rigellian Queen, hut and shrub? I am way far into it…have collected tons of probes and now ray guns, but my store does not show to build them at all…only the spooky wall, pumpkin house, human test subject and spooky house. What am I missing??

    • Shrubs are obtained by opening treat bags.From my experience they’re pretty rare. As for the hut and the queen, they aren’t available just yet. Looks like they’re coming in Phase 3 of the event which begins on October 31st

  7. How do you get the spooky house? There is a link symbol beside it in my options but I can’t actually craft it.

    Do I have to complete a story line?

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