Halloween 2014 – Main Questline Walkthrough

We Come in Pieces 1
Build Make-a-Thing Workshop (8 Hours, $2000)
Make Kang Watch Housefly Drone Camera Footage (8 Hours)

Free Hugs Pt. 1
Make Lisa Go Trick or Treating (8 Hours)

Free Hugs Pt. 2
Make Lisa Question Kang’s Motives Count (45 seconds)

Free Hugs Pt. 3
Squish a Rigellian Invader

Free Hugs Pt. 4
Open a Treat Bag

Craft a Weapon

Free Hugs Pt. 5
Squish 20 Rigellian Invaders

Restricted Air Space
Send Youngsters Trick or Treating (x3)
Message: Can Springfield fight off the Rigellian invasion? Will kids get good treats, or something lame like tooth care brochures?
Message: Find out on October 20th! Until then keep tapping!

The Whole Truth Pt. 1 (Available On October 20th)
Make Kang Report to Rigellian High Command (24 Hours)

The Whole Truth Pt. 2
Make Kang Probe Homer (Requires Homer, takes 36 Hours)

The Whole Truth Pt. 3
Make Kang Drink (x2)
Make Homer Drink (x2)

The Whole Truth Pt. 4
Make Kang Probe Homer (Requires Homer, takes 36 Hours)

The Whole Truth Pt. 5
Make Kang Reflect on his Situation (24 Hours)
Message: Will Kang become a tax-paying, mall- going American? Will Homer ever learn to trust free booze again?
Message: Stay tuned to find out, a new chapter unfolds on October 31st! Until then keep tapping!

Alienation Pt. 1 (Available October 31st)
Make Kang Research American History
Make Lisa Be Kang’s Study Partner

Alienation Pt. 2
Make Kang Shovel Manure (24 Hours)
Make Kang Flip Burgers (24 Hours)
Make Kang Wash Dishes (24 Hours)

Alienation Pt. 3
Make Kang Take the Citizenship Exam (N/A)

Alienation Pt. 4
Place Rigellian Shrub

Alienation Pt. 5
Reward: 20 Doughnuts
Message: It would seem you can’t teach an old squid new tricks. Nonetheless there are still more important matters at hand. You still have an invasion to fight, so get squishing!

The premium walkthroughs and event page are coming soon!


31 thoughts on “Halloween 2014 – Main Questline Walkthrough

  1. This update seems awesome but is anyone else having problems with it continually loading after only a few seconds of playing? Would love to know ;'(

  2. So there are no quests after the trick and treat quest? Beside make 10 youngsters trick and treating and open 10 begs again and again?

  3. Anyone know what the Rigilian Hunting Licence does exactly? Or what are the prizes for shooting down UFOs in other Springfields? (I just got 30 doughnuts!)

  4. i feel like its impossible to get the big pumpkin. i dont even have enough to craft one small wall.

    the friend leaderboard is awesome though. i guess ill delete anyone who hasnt gotten any points in a few days.

  5. Has anyone noticed that we get one ammo above the Ray gun…provided you have it. I think it’s one every 24 hours.

    • you got one last year? i dont wanna buy one for 150 donuts :(. my old pumpkin house from last year gives 1 pumpkin each 24(?) hours and you only need 400 for the big pumpkin so thats great i guess

    • It’s ok I found it now, but has anyone else noticed there seems to be a limit on how many neighbours you can tap on for the gooey stuff, going to try and work out tonight how many neighbours give it, unless someone already has 😱

      • Ok just started visiting my neighbours and I was right, only getting goey stuff for the first 30 neighbours, after that just cash and XP, so getting the prizes is going to take a lot of time now.

      • That’s correct. You will get Probes for your first 90 ACTIONS. An action is counted as one alien. So if you tap on 3 aliens in one town, that counts as three actions.

        I hope that helps!

  6. Why do you keep deleting my comments? I asked a genuine question? What difference does the rigilian hunting licence make and what prizes do you get for shooting down the UFOs?

  7. Hmm, seems to reasonable. Not so fast as the medival version, not totally wasteless like easter, not very great, but ok…

    Why should I craft the wood with nail to higher levels? The parts are only for the weapon, so I don’t waste something for it – but why should I?

    Totally useless are imho the gremlin eggs. I got one time 2, one time 5 and one time 20 things back from “raid tour”, but… even 20 are only 7 (*3) own mini kangs, which I did after some hours, so what…?

  8. Hello…after the small update I cannot get onto my game on my Kindle or Android phone. The game starts to load and then dumps. Anyone else having this problem?

  9. Is there any order to get the craft goodies, ie is it worth saving them all up for Hugo or just get spooky wall and human test subject first as you get the items needed for each one. Thanks.

      • I looked it up on line and found another site and on there it said to save up as the wall and human test subject are just decorations, so I’m holding out for Hugo now until I hear anything different on this site.

      • Don’t craft the human test subject or spooky wall. I have recieved three walls and two test subjects from treat bags and squishing aliens.

  10. I have completed the make youngsters trick or treat task about 7 times now and it seems to be stuck? I was thinking maybe the new task won’t be available until Oct. 20th? Anyone know? Thanks!

  11. Ughhh… Very behind and very upset. I doubt I’ll get the amazing Doughnut Torture device, and I’m 3/5 of the the way to getting Hugo but the Pumpkin only 1/8 of the way there. I love how the Clash of Clones event went on for so much longer than it needed to, and this one is going by to fast… Or at least prizes are harder to get in time. I wish they took a week from COC and added it to THOH2014 and displaced it over the 3 phases

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