Hugo’s ”The Good Son” Walkthrough (PRIZE)

The Good Son Pt. 1
Make Hugo Eat Fish-Heads (4 Hours)
Make Homer Way Oversleep for a Power Nap (8 Hours)

The Good Son Pt. 2
Make Hugo Sleep in the Attic (24 Hours)

The Good Son Pt. 3
Make Hugo Walk the Pigeon-Rat (12 Hours)

The Good Son Pt. 4
Make Hugo Clean His Room (8 Hours)
Make Bart Paintball in the Brown House (8 Hours)

The Good Son Pt. 5
Build Spooky House

The Good Son Pt. 6 (Available From October 20th)
Make Hugo Nap at the Spooky House (16 Hours)


15 thoughts on “Hugo’s ”The Good Son” Walkthrough (PRIZE)

  1. Does the spooky house cost money or candy? I really hope money… Also could you do something on the ratio of getting what prize from bags and ufos (I know you can donuts from them) if possible?

    • I believe that the Spooky House come with Hugo so all you’d need to do to get it is get enough materials to craft him.

      I’m in the process of trying to figure out the odds from the Goody Bags now and once I figure them all out, I’ll post them up 🙂

      • I have been receiving a lot of gold bags but some of my friends haven’t gotten any yet. Last night I got doughnuts and the human test subject from the same gold bag. I thought the human test subject had to be crafted.

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