Treehouse of Horror 2014: Prize Tracker

I’ve compiled a prize tracker for the 2014 Halloween event. All three currencies and phases are represented here so it should be good for the entirety of the event. I hope you like it! Click the image to enlarge it!



53 thoughts on “Treehouse of Horror 2014: Prize Tracker

  1. Question. I’m leaving gremlins in my neighbor’s springfield. When I return to my springfield, the game comes up with a message saying that my gremlin has found xx probes. But the probes found are not added to my total count. Should this be?

  2. This event is not fair…. The Number of actions with reward in friends village are limited per day…. So people stop to do it When the rewards are not comming…… As my name starts with letter R, no onde leaves grems in my village.

  3. Well visiting your friends daily is highly advisable as you’ll get probes for your first 90 actions. I think you get two for each action so that’s 180 probes.

    Shoot down UFO’s in your friends town when you can as they can drop probes from time to time but that’s not guaranteed

    Send all your kids (and Marge) trick or treating because you will more than likely find probes inside most goody bags.

    Grem-Aliens spawn every five minutes so play as often as you can and squish any aliens that your neighbbours leave in your town.

    I hope this helps you catch up but if you don’t, there’s no need to worry about missing a prize as I believe the doughnut torture device and mutant peacock will be available for crafting from the 20th!

  4. I noticed you mentioned to send Marge on trick or treating, but I can’t Marge make her do that, do I need to finish a certain quest first?

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  6. still going nuts over homers’ disappearance !!!!! happen to anyone else ???
    bought theatre, started first quest and boom ,homer was gone , has no quests nada…like he never existed …help !!!

    • I had once the same problem with Smithers, EA advised me to store Burns mansion an then replace it immediately after, then Smithers was back. Maybe you can try the same thing by storing the Simpsons house…

  7. Is there any point to upgrading your weapon, or is it like leveling up Homer after level 10 in the last update? My “Board with a Nail in it” is level 8, but I have noticed no difference in any way.

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  9. I’m on 1426 right now at 12.37am GMT how the hell am I supposed to have 2368 by the end of today??!
    Is there a strategy/knack at all that I could be advised upon 😊

    • I don’t have any particular tricks, just make sure you visit your neighbours every day (and have lots of neighbours!) and try to leave germ-alien eggs where you don’t think they’ll be squished. Plus obviously get on as often as you can. I know it sounds pretty obvious, but I’m on track with my ray guns and got my donut torture device with a couple of days to spare. Good luck!

      • I’m doing all of that but I’m still a day behind on 2396 as of 7.40pm and i still haven’t got my torture device; and where there’s a competition between getting that or the spooky house, I’d rather get the spooky house first- I mean what does that torture device actually do? Does it actually earn you any donuts?!

      • I don’t really know what else to suggest; I’m on 3206 ray guns as of 22:54 GMT on 24/10, so a little ahead of where I need to be (which is just as well as I’m not going to egg much of a chance to play for the next couple of days). The donut torture device hasn’t earned me any donuts, but you can get homer on it and it looks pretty cool. I was hoping that I’d be able to win some donuts! I’m saving up for the spooky house, and then the grand pumpkin. It’s taking a while though, as I’m stock piling treat bags in case I need them later on for the protein strands.

  10. Hi, I’ve only started the event yesterday, so I’m a “bit” late with the Ray Guns… is there any way I can catch up? The only prizes I’m looking for are the Spooky House, Hugo and U.B.O., actually…

  11. Are you sure this count is accurate? According to the countdown in the game, the second phase ends at midnight on the 30th, so you won’t be able to collect guns on the 31st.

    • I agree, and it’s a big bummer, because I’ve been using the prize tracker as my gauge for collecting ray guns. Looks like I may not make it now. 😦

      • Yep missed the hover vehicle by 120 guns . Went to sleep last night thinking i had another day yet . 😦 . And to build it will take 500 choco bars . I havent had that many in the whole event let alone the next few days . Great guide . Shame its screwed as all

    • There are many available ways. Shooting down UFOs has a small chance to give you 30 doughnuts. You can get 2 doughnuts in the different prize bags. I’ve gotten at least 24 doughnuts through the bags. Occasional chance that an alien in your friends town will drop them (if you max out your friendship levels that is)
      Even though I think the teleporters are cool, I’d personally save up for something better. Just me though. I bought the ray gun for 150, but it comes with an ammo generating decoration, a destroyed ray gun (total 2 decorations) and then you can shoot down Kodos and unlock her (premium character). Also the ammo can get you treat bags or more chances at getting the 30 doughnuts. I’ve gotten it once

  12. Yikes I’ve been ahead the entire time based on this but… Not actually. The event ends at like 3:00 am ( not sure if they’ll update on time or give time) and so it really should be by tonight that you need to get to 14900… I’m at 13900. I really want UBO! Especially hen im so close!!

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