Halloween 2014 – First Impressions

Phase one of Halloween is set to come to an end on October 20th. The same day will see phase two begin (more on that soon) but before then I thought I’d share my initial impressions of Halloween 2014.

What I Like:

  • Great Prizes
  • Relatively easy to collect currency
  • The Treat Bag idea is pretty cool
  • Lots of highly requested content such as Hugo
  • Good mix of freemium and premium content
  • Lots of old content has (or will) come back
  • The introduction of a leader board is a great way to compete with friends

What I Don’t Like:

  • Some premium content is expensive for what they’re offering
  • Crafting is difficult given that five currencies are required
  • Ammo is very difficult to come by
  • The graphics aren’t as good as last year
  • There are no community prizes

What are your thoughts on phase one of Halloween 2014? Share your thoughts below!


26 thoughts on “Halloween 2014 – First Impressions

  1. I haven’t seen any UFOs in my friends towns. I have the ray gun from last year. Do I have to do something to make them appear?

  2. Also, when I tap on the craft store the list comes up but won’t scroll to show anything other than the weapon, spooky wall and human test subject. Am I missing something? 😕

    • Hey, I found out how to ‘unlock’ the others. You have to finish the “shoot a UFO at a friends” quest. I never saw a UFO, so it took me a long time to complete it, but if you tap ‘go’ at that quest, it somehow kinda triggers the UFO to show up at the other springfield.
      When i did this, the other craft things showed up.
      Hope it helps you (and others) as well 🙂

    • I think it has something to do with the ‘range’ where you tap. The higher the level, the larger the area around the ‘tapped spot’ will be (more aliens will be squashed at a further distance).

  3. Jeez, I’ve been playing frequently at least 4 times a day since the very start and yet I’m still way behind. The nails shouldn’t be prizes. While it helps with tap radius, it really doesn’t make a huge difference, and it takes up a spot that could have ammo or other prizes

  4. Love the event, but since the last small update my Kindle continually crashes to the point that I have to play on my phone. Anyone else?

  5. So disappointing. I’m pretty sure at this point Halloween is the event everyone looks forward to all year. This year it’s just… uninteresting.

    I think all of the gameplay/mechanics are fine. The prizes and the plot aren’t. I get that the Rigelians are always in the Halloween episode, but damn – now it just feels like a sci-fi event, not a Treehouse of Horror event.

    Much like all of the medieval Clash of Clones prizes, I don’t want a bunch of sci-fi crap sitting around my Springfield. It’s easy to integrate a lot of the Halloween themed stuff in an “abandoned part of town” kind of way. I guess my inventory is just going to get a bunch more crap in it when this event is over.

  6. So as of Friday 10/17/14 I got all of the items from phase one and I got Hugo as of Thursday 10/16/14. But I do wish there had more things you can craft i have One human Test Subject. How many Human Test Subject dose one person needs? Now with the Spooky Wall I would like to have a enough to finish out my Halloween spot. Just so you all know that I did accidentally shoot down two spaceships with using my donuts which upset me. Because i was try to save them up to get a new character for my city now i am at 0 again. So you can get all of these items with out using donuts. But it cannot compare the graphics of the this Halloween to the graphics of last Halloween since i did not start play until Nov of 2013. Now back when there asked us what character’a we would like to see them bring to the game. I am so happy that there brought Hugo to the game that was the one that I suggested to them. I do think there were alot more that did suggest Hugo to. But just knowing that there listen to what the players have to say or want. That makes me happy and think that there care what there plays think and want.

  7. Hugo? What Hugo? Where is he? I just have the nail weapon, phase 8 now, and secondly a great pumpkin in the crafts menu, thats it. And at this pace it will take me ages to craft this pumpkin, I have now appr 1/3 of the candy so say in 4 weeks I will have it …. Well , kind of relaxing I suppose 😒

  8. Here are the Characters that Recieve Treat Bags, Well Marge can (as a Witch), the others are all kids-Bart, Database, Dolph, Greta, Jimbo, Kearny, Lisa, Martin, Milhouse, Nelson, Ralph, Rod, Shauna, Sherri& Terri, Squeaky voice Teen, Todd, Uter. Those are the character’s that get Treat Bags.

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