New Episode Tie-In!

EA have released a brand new episode tie-in just in time for this Sundays Treehouse of Horror XXV Halloween special.

This years tie-in is a lot like last year, meaning it requires you to log in everyday if you want to win the prize.

What you’ll need to do is squish aliens and along the way a piece of clothing will appear. There’s an item of clothing that you’ll collect everyday from now until Sunday.

So get squishing and a new outfit for Moe will be yours in no time!


10 thoughts on “New Episode Tie-In!

      • Wish I had read this 5 min. ago. I just bought the drive-in. Homer is busy doing something else. Hope he doesn’t disapear.

  1. Not relating to this, but it hit a great find!! I opened a silver treat bag and got 2’donuts in it!! Still waiting for the 30 from a UFO, but this was pretty good too! I’ve gotten 9 total doughnuts in bags.

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