Promo For Treehouse of Horror XXV


6 thoughts on “Promo For Treehouse of Horror XXV

  1. Last evening, October 17, I bought some doughnuts, the tray of 132 for 9.99. However, I never received them. I then thought maybe the transaction didn’t complete, so I made the purchase again. Same tray of 132 doughnuts. I did receive them. One tray. However, when I checked my visa acct. I was charged twice, yet only received one tray of 132. Is there any way to receive the doughnuts, or money back. Hope so. Thanks.

    • Contact support for whichever app store you use (Apple, Android, Kindle) and explain your situation. They will most likely ask for proof of purchase so a screenshot of the transactions should do. They should then be able to provide you with a refund.

      Hope you get this resolved!

  2. I watched the episode. I liked the Hell School one, hated the Moe one, and love the ghost Simpsons one. I wish they had a few characters/ buildings from the other two like a Hell School and the old Simpsons Ghosts if not as character as roaming non playable characters

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