Wondering What Moe’s New Outfit Looks Like?

File:TO THOH XXV episode tie-in collection menu at launch.png

Moe’s got a new outfit to celebrate this years Treehouse of Horror XXV special. In order to get the outfit you have to collect the items shown above. But, when it’s all complete, what will it look like? Look no further because I have the image right below the read more tag, continue at your own risk!

Oh and if you’re wondering how to see the menu shown in the image above, tap on the Simpsons house and then tap ‘go’ and enter the Simpsons ‘attic’

Here’s Moe’s new outfit – it’s called MOOG!


16 thoughts on “Wondering What Moe’s New Outfit Looks Like?

      • I’ve played daily and squished a ton, but I haven’t seen anything about this. Was there an update I need to do? How can I view if I’ve collected anything? Haven’t seen any indication today either. Any suggestions?


      • Have you been into krustyland? There was more dialogue, and I couldn’t collect until I’d been there. When I got back to Springfield I found it immediately.

  1. The suit is from a great cult classic. ” a clock work orange” I just wonder who moe will give “the old’ in and out” to.

  2. I tapped yesterday and collected the pants but Tapped out/iPhone cut out and it says I don’t have it. Its already second day and I got the underpants but still not showing up pants for yesterday. Please help and provide suggestions how I can fix this. Thanks,

  3. You have to answer a question correctly to obtain 10 donuts with the outfit of moe which is apparently been aired tonight in the US. Only issue is for those who dont live in the US…. please help.

  4. Jeez Moog’s 6 second task is amazing!! It pays out 35 dollars which is the amount payed out
    From cleaning up Springfield. It’s a lot more than 45 second tasks which pay out 3 dollars I think. Just do Moog’s 6 second task for 1 minute and you’ll have 350 dollars! More than an 8 hour task!

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