Everything You Need To Know About THOH XXV

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Phase 2 of the THOH XXV event began on October 20th 2014. The new currency is Ray Guns, replacing the Probes that you had been collecting in Phase 1. The Probes from Phase 1 DID NOT carry over to Phase 2.

Here’s everything you need to know about Phase 2 of Halloween 2014!

Did you buy any of the premium characters or get Hugo unlocked yet? All of their walkthroughs are available below!

If you did not obtain any of the two main prizes from Phase 1, they can now be crafted. You will only be awarded Ray Guns for the first 90 friend actions. You can perform 3 friend actions per town meaning that you will not be awarded Ray Guns from all 100 of your friends!

This post will be updated with new information on October 31st, when Phase 3 of the event begins. Phase 3 will be the final part of the event.

Happy squishing guys!


23 thoughts on “Everything You Need To Know About THOH XXV

  1. Hint: Once I got to 8,050 probes in the 1st phase, I stopped opening treat bags and saved them for the Ray Gun. I got to the 10th prize in about 8 days of playing every 4 hours or so without buying any donut upgrades, so it’s doable. Unless you need to craft something, if you’ve got the max # of prizes, the “bonus” was a silver treat bag for every extra 750 probes. The bonus for extra ray guns may be similar and not worth wasting on and using to get ahead in the 3rd phase in 10 days. Happy squishing!

  2. Well Marge can get Treat Bags (as a Witch), the others are all kids-Bart, Database, Dolph, Greta, Jimbo, Kearny, Lisa, Martin, Milhouse, Nelson, Ralph, Rod, Shauna, Sherri& Terri, Squeaky voice Teen, Todd, Uter. Those are the character’s that get Treat Bags.

  3. Game is crashing since latest update. Sound gone. No squishing and squashing…. Already deleted it and re-installed it but this was no remedy. Any ideas, please?

  4. I played every day, friends list every day, and I’m not going to get the last prize for this week, never missed something in any event befor this, don’t no what to think about this bit if u can’t get stuff buy playing all day everyday what’s next

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