THOH XXV Phase 2 Has Begun

Phase 2 of the Halloween event has begun and I must admit, I’m a little underwhelmed right now. Here’s what I know about Phase 2 right now;

  • Ray Guns are the new currency
  • There are new prizes available
  • 592 Ray Guns are required each day to obtain all of the new prizes
  • You get 2 Ray Guns for every alien you squish
  • There is no new content available from the store
  • Both prizes from Phase one are now craftable if you didn’t collect enough probes
  • Treat bags now contain Ray Guns in place of probes
  • There are no new craftable items
  • EDIT: There is, in fact, a new questline
  • Much like Phase 1, you have 10 days to obtain the current prizes before they switch out again

If I come across any other information, I will update this post. I will also be putting together a post with all Halloween walkthroughs and daily Ray Gun total together later on so all of the information you need is in one place. Keep an eye out for that later today!

8 thoughts on “THOH XXV Phase 2 Has Begun

  1. Hmm. I got the last item today on the morning, 1:30 before deadline. Now with only 2 per click (if the ~7000 number is correct) this seems to be impossible for me…

  2. Hi, thanks for this awesome blog! And since you seem to know a lot I thought you might be able to help me with a problem.
    When I visit friends to squish their aliens sometimes I don’t recieve the raygun or whatever the prize is (has happened during other events as well) so collecting the event currency is really hard. Is this somethig that is supposed to happen? Like there is a daily amount of rayguns or probes you can get from friends? I didn’t manage to get the last prize cause I couldn’t get any probes from my friends, just got money, friend points and experiance points.
    Would be really glad if I got to know the rules! Thank you!


    • Thank you for your kind words! As for your question, you will only get Ray Guns for your first 90 friend actions. In every town you have the ability to perform 3 friend actions. Once you complete your 90th friend action, you will only receive cash, XP and Friend Points.

    • Hi Johanna, don’t worry it happens to all of us. I’m not sure about the number, but at some point you do stop getting ray guns. It refreshes every day so don’t worry, come back tomorrow for more prices and FP.

  3. Re: the treat bags… will those craft projects ever change? Why do I want multiple Spooky Houses or Pumpkin houses? The Spooky house gives you 1 treat bag every 24 hours. It’s hardly worth it. I understood it being part of the 1st challenge, but now it’s just a spooky house. How much $$$ will it earn after the event?

  4. I noticed that the amount of ray guns needed for the forth prize gained 1k ray guns after the last update, wth!? Went from 1825 to 2825 ray guns.

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