If You Could Change One Thing…

While I love all events in Tapped Out (with the exception of Easter) there’s always something that I wish was different, even just a little bit. The one thing I don’t like about this event is how the currency and prizes are awarded and switched.

I would much prefer if the prize award and currency system went to the ‘classic’ way it used to be. For example, the prize system from last Halloween was perfect, why even change it? Like the saying goes my friends ”why fix what isn’t broken?”.

Is there something, just one thing, that you would change? If there is, what would it be and how would you change it? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


29 thoughts on “If You Could Change One Thing…

  1. I think they are trying some methods used by the family guy game, which imo is a big no no. Family guys events prizes play out differently, as in they require too much premium currency.. dont want to see tsto go down that road. To be fair though.. have hit the 30 donuts on ray gun shots 4 times now.. some donuts in treat bags and the clockwork orange moe donuts were excellent. Bought the ray gun last year but got the drive in theatre for free this year.
    What id like to see new is dirt roads or just something besides roads, grass and pavement. Its a big pain making many items look decent and some bare earth would help with that.

  2. When there are community prizes, there shouldn’t be a limit on the amount of rewards you get by visiting friends. Players who their names start with a letter of the second half of the alphabet get less visits for rewards or dropping gifts etc..

    • I’ve been cycling back and forth to try to visit my end of alphabets. Starting with “other Springfield” I arrow backwards or forwards to my friend Kathleen. Keeps it a bit more balanced anyway 🙂

  3. I have noticed the alphabetical disadvantage as well. Bob makes a very good point. The ‘next’ button should cycle through friends randomly but not see a friend twice until all friends have been seen at least once. Im a C though;) Add me cduinctk714

  4. I’d like it if there were clear dates premium items were available. Several of us wanted the cemeteries badly but they vanished without warning. We thought we had till the end of the Halloween event!

  5. If I could change just one thing about Tapped Out…

    I would add day/night mode where time would transition into nighttime…. Things like placement of street lamps would matter because those would illuminate the area around them… Things wouldnt be completely black if there were no lights, just dark… Fires would look amazing, they could do so much with just this one simple change.

  6. I just would like to say that I agree with you 100%.
    I’ve been working hard and I just got Hugo and “his” house. Nothing else… 😦

  7. They have allways problems to separate items in free and premium/donut items. And they stay with the decision forever. I would like to get some of very old premium items, like Barney/Frink, but 250 or so donuts are really incredible – no way, thanks, never! They should lower the prices of old items (20 or so), or even give them for free after one or two years… If you want them now, you have to pay, but if you can wait, you get them someday.
    Soon they can’t create any new characters, because all really important chars are used… and I would never pay for some new one-only-(or nearly one)-episode-characters….

  8. I waited all year for Halloween. Instead all we get is stupid aliens. What has this got to do with Halloween. I was looking for haunted houses, cemeteries ghosts etc. I started in January and have three accounts. If Christmas is this lame, I am done with this game. P.S. Quit gouging for the premium items! Make access to more FREE donuts. Not everybody has $1000 to invets to buy premium items.

    • Actually this event probably gives the most free doughnuts. With 1 level up (+2), several from squishing in friends’ towns (cuz I maxed out my friend meter), and doughnuts from treat bags (got 2 dougnuts like once every 2 or 3 days…. I have gotten around 55 doughnuts!!!

  9. Yeah. It does go with the trick or treat theme but 7 currencies is annoying, but I think I’d just like less of each for each prize. I play 3-4 times on week days and at least 5 times on a weekend, but still fall short a lot. Ray guns falling short, and I’m just about to be able to get the grand pumpkin, but I could either get that or save for the donut machine which I never got. And I assume they’ll add the tribal hut and rigelian queen on Friday.

  10. I agree with the exp and cash button idea, it would be great. Sometimes i dont want to play since i know my town will be full and tapping so much isnt exciting.
    Another kind of way would be welcome too, it is kinda restrictive to only have three of them.
    I would like more free objects (and characters too) than just one every level.
    As for this Halloween update well, i like it but:
    1. More prizes would have been great (instead of all those prize bags that we can already get from tapping and trick or treating)
    2. The cost of the prizes. The first phase i got it all. Barely. And i know i wont get the last one of the second phase. Which is insane since i play every day, several times a day. Even with a day or two being busy i still played four times minimum. And im still short of like 2000 and there’s only two days left! That’s not normal. And i know im playing more than the usual player who may work or is busy or just have a life outside so if even i dont get it all how could they?
    3. Related to point 2, the time. Ten days may seems a lot but when you can only send your char on a 8h quest, visit your friends once a day (to which you get a limited reward), ten days pass by very quickly. I would like the opportunity to choose. Like i understand the three phases. It’s so those who use donuts dont get everything within the first days and get bored. Like that it comes in waves. But for example, for those who still didnt got the donut torture device at the end of phase one: be given the choice between starting the second phase and use the new currency or continue with the ancient one to get it. So while the others start the second phase, some get to stay in phase one. Dont have to if the prefer the second phase prizes better, like i said a choice. But no, after ten days it automatical, the prizes have to be crafted at huge amounts of material.

  11. The price on premium items is insane. I get this is a “free” tap game but when I buy a $60 Xbox game, I get the entire game. I even get the updates and new content as they come out for free. I would much rather pay $5.99 to buy this game and then have access to all content. Who would really drop hundreds of dollars on a tap game? I wish these companies would just be logical.

  12. What I would like is something many of those games have, but what tsto doesn’t (yet): a free doughnut thing.
    For the ones that have ever played smurf’s village before, you can earn premium currency-bits by watching advertisements. Exchange 10 of those so called smurfberry bits and you ge a free smurfberry (in tapped out language: 10 doughnut- pieces in exchange for one doughnut)

  13. I need more land, I have been playing pretty much since the beginning and have acquired or purchased almost everything and now have to keep putting things in storage to make room for new things. I have every character except one of the whacking snakes and I have almost 90 million dollars but can’t buy anything cause there is no place to put anything. Yeah i could take away some of my parking lots but the challenge of the game for me is to make it realistic. Would also like one button to cash in all money and XP, getting bored doing all this tapping.

  14. I missed the helicopter reward. Was short 1400 or something like that for the last price. I play each day, a few times a day. I visited all friends… But I still missed it. I think a lot of my friends didn’t get it either (since i am constantly in the top10 of the overview)…

    • Note to self: It can now be crafted, so I hope I can still get this reward 🙂

      I also saww Rigellian Shrub & Gold Treat Bag can be crafted

  15. I would make the premium items a tiny little bit much much more cheaper, they are way out of my league. Now i can only watch from behind the shops window pane ..
    And shoot, jus missed the heli! Was almost there with the rayguns and gone it is again! It is cruel.

  16. At the end of each phase, I’ve ALWAYS been 200~ aliens away from getting the second prize, big prize. And now I have to craft them? They drop more gift bags randomly now, so it’s a little easier to get candy to use, but it’s still hard. It just feels like an event that’s really unbalanced, and really pushing buying and spending donuts. For players like me who don’t do that, it’s really annoying and unfair.

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