Ghost Pirate Ship Update

EA have pushed through a small update to give us a new (and expensive) premium Ghost Pirate Ship. The ship has a price tag of a whopping 250 doughnuts but does offer you a couple of missions and a 5% multiplier bonus.

Walkthroughs are coming soon for the ghost ships quests.


6 thoughts on “Ghost Pirate Ship Update

  1. The game crashed again on my smartphone. It crashed just after I paid the 250 donuts. Then when I logged in again I had to purchase it again. 500 donuts for this ship. I’m not impressed. I thought it would credit me my 250 donuts but no it didn’t.

  2. I was utterly disappointed that I missed out the Ghost Pirate ship Mini update that came out on Halloween and ended on nov.2nd. Before I could get it, it was too late to get one for my town!!

    Smh!! I know it’s just a game but would like that ghost pirate ship and now I have to wait it actually pops up someday later on say two years or less. Darn it.

    EA, bring back the ghost pirate ship!!

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