Phase 3 Has Begun!

Phase 3 of the Halloween event has begun. The prizes in this phase are the DIET Sign and the U.B.O. skin for Mr. Burns. For those of you who didn’t get the prizes in the previous two stages, don’t worry they can now be crafted.

The Regallian queen, hut and shrub can also be crafted starting today. If you did win the hovercopter in the last stage you’ll notice you are able to craft it, that’s because you can have as many of those as you want.

Also added to the Halloween section of the store was the Ghost Zapper, an item from last year. Beware though, it will NOT help you squish the aliens in your town, it just provides you with cash I believe.

There is a new questline, the walkthrough for which is available in the sticky post at the top of the page. This is the final part of the event and it will end on NOVEMBER 12th!


10 thoughts on “Phase 3 Has Begun!

  1. Phase 2 i was 1000 short, and I even got not enough things to craft the helicopter. I miss about 100 chocolate bars also for the grand pumpkin – but this should be doable until 1 week. But its hard. And then I only have the grand pumpkin. I thought I can build the house too, if I get the things for Hugo, but I again must collect it… to I don’t get the pumpkin house – which I get for free last year (seems to be the same). All this seems to be very imprudent.
    Phase 3 now with 5 per click seems to be reasonable, so I should get more than double than before – i got 6000, so 12000 should be doable for the last price… but maybe there something else….

  2. They should have stuck to making it accumulative… because it sucks when your less than a 1k away from the final prize… then yes you can craft it but the goodies inside the treat bags are not evenly spread that you get more of the other item and less of those which is needed a lot when crafting… don’t know if I’ll be able to get the last prize for the last phase too… another thing why did they limit how much you can get from your neighbors… its bad enough that you get only 3 of the items you’re collecting in your neighborhood but then after a while its all XP and $$$…. so its useless if you have 100 active players they can’t help you at all.. that’s instant 300 a day but no they wouldn’t give it…

  3. Make more than one heli? I estimate that at the end of haloween, 11 days from now, i will ( hopefully) be able to craft just one of the major items : either queen or pumpkin or heli, but all three will be impossble. ( 1 out of 4 really, but i am not really interested in the donut machine, which i also just did not win as the heli), let alone more than one of an item.
    Saving items from the bags goes way too slow. Bought 5 misiles ( much more i cannot afford) to hopefully get more candy or other items, but cruel fate again, destroying the 5 spaceships gave me 5 bags :-(, which contains as everyone knows not really much items. So… How will I ever get some 800 candybars, fences etc.? Impossible. ( unless of course you spend a lot – and i mean really a lot- of money.
    Tsto is a game for the rich, really.

    Ps what is the use of making these nail weapons ?

    • The the only purpose I see of the nails is they put prizes in inventory, took me a while to figure that one out. They are also the little things you can craft, wall or test subject or shrub. Which I already used candy on. doh!
      I’m in the same boat as you. I play every single day and still missed the 2 big prizes. I’m afraid I’m going to miss glo burns too. Is it better to get the grand pumpkin, heli, queen, or donut device? looks like I will only be able to get one. already have the pumpkin house from last year. Anyone know which is better?

      • Same here, I spend candy and other stuff on walls, shrubs and a second pumpkin house… and now I can ‘buy’ the Queen en Helicopter; if I am able to get enough candy. That seems to be hard, I really hope I am going to make it too one of these…

      • So looks like with the queen, the hut will generate a few more aliens and grand pumpkin you build more pumpkin houses to earn more pumpkins. I’m going to go with the queen cause I really want ubo the most. Dtd can be used by homer while heli hover is just decoration hope that can help some of you choose.

    • The nails shouldn’t exist. If they want to make levels to make each nail stronger (at each level your tap gets larger so it’s easier to kill more aliens in each tap) they should have based it off either money or simply how much/often you tap the little things. A nail wastes a spot for something else. I’m on level 14 meaning I’ve gotten 104 nails! I could have 104 more chocolates or fences and I’d be happier! But it’s a waste. Fences are hard and chocolates are REALLY hard. I bought the ray gun though which generates an ammo every 8 hours and has gotten me a lot of good stuff from the ufos like gummy bears and candy corns.

      • Cocolate is the remaining problem for my big pumpkin.
        I didn’t got the helicopter, but can now built it in the menu – for 500 chocolate, and 500 triangle things. – LOL this is so stupid.

        Medival raiding was imbalanced and finished after one of 5 weeks – this is very hard. This isn’t a professional game…

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