Time’s Running Out!


Just a quick heads up everybody, the 2014 Treehouse of Horror event is scheduled to come to a conclusion TOMORROW. But what does that mean? Well, it means any unopened and unearned prizes will no longer be obtainable.

That is of course if you update as soon as the update come out but here’s my advice to you, if you’re close to getting a prize when the update is released DO NOT update. This will give you at most one extra day before the update is forced upon you. However, you will not be able to visit your neighbours if you do this because you will have different versions of the app.

It is also possible that some of the items from the event might stick around after, as has happened in the past, but there’s no guarantee so get what you can while you can!


25 thoughts on “Time’s Running Out!

    • I’m around same. I hope I can get UBO. Jus make sure to get your neighbors and use up the rest of your eggs! Also try to visit your own town as much as possible to get aliens squished

  1. What is up with the protein count? Has anyone else noticed the discrepancy ? I thought at first that I was just off in my calculations, but I just blew up a spaceship. Prior to blowing it up I was at 12999 I tapped on the spaceship, got 50 protein strands and after tapping on the 3 aliens I had 13004. So in stead of getting 50 I got 1.

    So tell me, what’s the point of playing if you don’t get your rightful awards??

  2. Honestly, I checked out of this event about five days ago. I will just let the dust clear before I do anything again. This one was too repetitive for me!

  3. Got the ubo two days ago. It another outfit for mr. Burn and its not that entertaining for me. I hope the Christmas event is better. I like the Christmas event last year. I hope that bring back group prizes and more donuts

  4. Will the game update in the morning of tomorrow? I want to be able to open one more set of treat bags tomorrow and then buy stuff, but I’m very hesitant because I feel like it will require me to update tomorrow (I play at 7:00 AM) and I really don’t want to lose my currency.

  5. EA better do a better job on the Christmas event because Halloween was very disapointing. I saved up 180 doughnuts but there was nothing worth spending them on. If the Christmas event turns out to be just as disapointing as Halloween then I might just stop playing.

  6. I earned all the prizes on time but the OBNI does not appear on my game, I took it from the storage box but nothing happens. Then when I enter on the prizes again it says I still can built it!
    What’s going on? On the previous event 2 thigs I bought desappeared when it finish now my prize does not appear. It’s getting frustrating.

  7. Well I guess it’s over, bc although you can squish in your town, you can no longer leave eggs or use ammo in your neighbor’s towns.

  8. If I didn’t have so many donuts left, I’d be gone already. This team continues to drop the ball over and over. Wtf? A Halloween event that isn’t Halloween themed? What a waste. If Christmas sucks I’ll probably just donut the whole event and check back when the next one rolls around.

    EA needs to figure out what prizes/items people actually want. When I think “Halloween”, I don’t think “aliens and sci-fi garbage”. Hugo was the only worthy prize. Today all of the Rigelian crap will find a nice cozy spot in my inventory – along with all of the Clash of Clones, Easter, and Valentines crap that doesn’t look good or make sense to be in my town. Or anyone’s town for that matter.

    • And it says i can now create the missed prices but the ubo is neither in the create menu. ?? Where ìs the ubo ? And what can i do with these dreads that keep cumulating by crashing aliens? Something is not quite right, it seems.
      ( and what can i do wirh all those bears and eggs , some 800 each, which cannot really be spend on anything ? almost all prices need fences, which of course i am out of.)

  9. For the U.B.O character I bought it with my donuts but when I try to place it, it disappeared!! Can someone please help me. Thank you!!

    • It’s an outfit for Mr. Burns, so you should see it as an option for him when you select on him (just like his stonecutter, dracula etc.. outfits). If you had Mr. Burns involved in a task when you placed the UBO, it wouldn’t start the questline for it.

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