New Friend Point Prizes!

There are TWO new friend point prizes! Which means your neighbours still have purpose!

The first is something called ”Little Black Box” and will require 2,500 points to obtain. This prize is the bar that can be found on the grounds of the Springfield International Airport

The second is ”Stewart Duck” which has appeared in just one episode throughout the shows history. It will cost you 5,000 points to obtain. Here’s what both prizes look like;


8 thoughts on “New Friend Point Prizes!

  1. 3 kinder pointless characters… A duck? A waiter and Freddy? Come on, seriously !? The black box bar is sweet… Princess Kashmiri I get why as it’s a quimby update but that’s two stripjoints in a short time…!

  2. I am really p.o.’d! I thought the Halloween event was supposed to end yesterday. I spent a lot of donuts to get the ubo because the event was ending and I was about 3000 protein strings short. Now the event is still going and I prob could have got the prize without spending so many donuts, if any. What a rip off!!

  3. Ticked off too. I also spent precious donuts just before the game was set to end and I still had two more days. I had more than enough to get what I wanted without using the donuts. Sneaky TSTO you should at least let us know when you’re extending it. Next time I will do without!

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