What Would You Like To See This Thanksgiving?

So my friends, another small holiday update is fast approaching. I mean of course, Thanksgiving 2014! Last year we got some pretty cool stuff, stuff like a new skin for Lisa, the Indian Tribal Chief, the Pow Wow Casino and an NPC in the form of a turkey!

There is a little info on this years event in the files which I will cover in greater detail tomorrow but I can tell you that it looks like all if not most of last years items are coming back and there will also be something for Black Friday. But, before you get your hopes up, it doesn’t look like there’s any doughnuts involved at the moment although that could change.

I would expect the Thanksgiving/Black Friday 2014 update to hit towards the middle of next week but until then, what would you like to see added this year? I’d love couple of seasonal decorations like cornucopias and maybe a building or two and possibly a character while they’re at it.

Share your wishlist below and who knows, it might just be added next week!


18 thoughts on “What Would You Like To See This Thanksgiving?

  1. I missed Brandene (not sure about the spelling) last time… would love the chance to be able to add her to the collection again!

  2. I think it would be cool if we got a mini Black Friday Event,but with homer and others going Black Friday shopping. Even a Kwik E Mart skin with a Black Friday banner would be cool

  3. New quests for current characters. I like a new one as much as anyone, but at 80+ it’s a ton to manage. All these years of episodes, surely we can do a family quest for the Simpsons. This is something I think TQFS does a good job with – I’m rarely bored there and with a fraction of the characters.

  4. Where is CHRISTMAS update?! Thanksgiving was last month for me in Canada. I’m anxiously waiting for the snow and Christmas stuff 😦

  5. For some reason my Lisa “skin” from last year has disappeared. It’s not in my inventory, or available as a wardrobe option for Lisa. How do I report something like this?

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