Thanksgiving 2014 – What’s Returning?

A word of caution before we get to the content, all of this is subject to change until it is actually in the game!

Caesars Pow-Wow Casino

Tribal Chief

Casino Sign


Poochie, Stampy,The Grumple, Rusty The Clown, Itchy, Scratchy, Blinky, Santa’s Little Helper, Snowball 2


3 thoughts on “Thanksgiving 2014 – What’s Returning?

  1. It is about time players stand up to these awful practices. Only three balloons same as last year for cash and everything else is limited time premium. Then they’re gonna tell us to be thankful when we get 15 free donuts at the end of a quest line. By now they should be giving out donuts in the hundreds for free, then maybe freemium players can get maybe 5% of the donut items. You can bet this game has made millionaires out of probably the top 100 people involved in ownership and development.

  2. Tapped Outs Facebook page has posts by users disabled. Why? They dont want users staging a coup. Dont want hundreds of users working eachother up. Please if you feel the same as me go do some major complaining or help/find a place where users can complain in bulk.

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