Here’s What I Expect To Happen This Week

Hey guys, here’s a quick rundown of things that I expect to happen this week.

– December 1st: Cyber Monday. Tomorrow every player will have the opportunity to purchase a never before released premium decoration that will only be available for 24 hours. It becomes available at 8am GMT and goes away on Tuesday at 8am GMT.

– December 2nd: Thanksgiving Ends.

– December 4th: Christmas 2014. I expect that we’ll see the Christmas update later this week as this seasons Christmas Special airs next Sunday.

– December 7th: The final episode of 2014 airs. It will be the annual Christmas Special.

On a side note, the Stomach Staples Centre became available yesterday as part of a questline but as I have a pretty bad chest infection I couldn’t catch my breath long enough to tell you!
Hopefully I’ll be better in a day or two and ill do my best to keep you updated until then.

Regardless of that, I WILL tell you if a big event drops this week.


13 thoughts on “Here’s What I Expect To Happen This Week

  1. Get plenty of rest these next few days. U know we are going to need you when the christmas event starts. 😉 I’m glad the Christmas event is starting I love christmas.

  2. Christmas had arrived so it seems. Snow on the ground all over the roofs building the toy store for children around 😊

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