Truckasaurus Available For Limited Time

First off guys, thanks for all the well wishes it really does mean a lot to me! Also, know that I am conserving my energy just in case the Christmas update drops this week so I can get you all the latest info as soon as I can! 🙂

Now, on with the main reason for the post. Truckasaurus is available right now for 225 doughnuts. When you open your game you will be taken directly to Gil where you will be given the option to purchase this animated DECORATION. If you pass on the option the first time around, just look for Gil walking around your town or alternatively, purchase it from the store.

It is important to note however that Truckasaurus is only available until 8am GMT TOMORROW MORNING at which point you will no longer have the option to purchase it. It is unknown if this will be offered up for sale again, only EA know the answer to that question!

Have a good one friends!



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