Christmas 2014: Phase One Prize Tracker


  •  Christmas Float – 580 Gifts
  • Frosty the Hitman – 1200 Gifts
  • Toy Workshop Bell 2300 Gifts
  • Sponsored Church (Facade) – 3500 Gifts
  • Festive Light Plunger – 5500 Gifts
  • First Ever Christmas Tree – 8000 Gifts
  • Bonestorm Santa – 10,800 Gifts
  • Nativity Scene 14,000 Gifts

Phase One ends on the 24th of December

A prize tracker is on the way soon


10 thoughts on “Christmas 2014: Phase One Prize Tracker

  1. I think I’m gonna need new friends for this, got a lot of no longer playing friends. Add me, please: mandieb424

  2. He’s the 3rd character that is able to build toys at the workshop but it looks like there’ll be plenty of others coming so I wouldn’t bother if it’s only for this event

  3. Does anyone else not know what the heck this Fed button is? It says to use it when in friends places, but yet I don’t have anything….

  4. When I go to visit my neighbors it says under their name to use the Fed button to send a Fed to my friends neighborhood but there is no Fed button. Does anyone else have this problem?

  5. AFTER Part 9 of Jingle Bell Wreck…THAT’S the optimum time to visit your neighbors. At that point you’ll unlock the ability to send Feds to your neighbors towns and earn more gifts!

  6. I keep getting the it’s time to update message when visiting friends. This has been three days now. When the heck is it going to happen. Can you force the update? If so how?

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