Today’s Target Is…..

In order to get all of the Phase One prizes by December 24th you’ll need to have a total of 2,013 gifts by the end of today. Also, Santa now has a task that can earn gifts.A full Christmas Event is coming on Monday. You’ll be happy to know that it’s a nice long questline so it will keep you busy for quite some time!


22 thoughts on “Today’s Target Is…..

  1. The value is correct, but i think the earnings per day are increasing. Every tunnel gives an additional elf, so in best case 24 presents more, per day. In 10 days with more tunnels this is 240 of the needed value of ≈600…

  2. Hello all not sure if it is known but since this evening I have been unable to access the game. It would appear ea are aware of this issue looking on other sites. The problem is unable to connect to server apparently there working on a patch but please log any issues with ea asap….

  3. I still can’t sign in, please try again. How long will it last?, if it lasts much longer theres no way of completing it all 😠

    • Just had an email off ea asking for info like amount of space on tablet, platform, capacity left etc. So will send them all this detail now… please make sure that you log issues with ea using ur origin id account. They have said that the relevent department is looking into it hope that helps all…

      • I’m afraid that just sounds like a stalling tactic having worked in customer service…. this is happening to far too many people to be a device issue… it does seem that some people can connect via mobile networks but not over wireless… there are people with all kinds of devices having exactly the same issue.
        I’ve just managed to log in via my android phone, it gets so far, starts to update and then i get the ‘bart’ screen again….. this has NOTHING to do with individual devices so i would not waste time sending system specs to them as they’ll most likely just ignore them anyway….

  4. I have been on EAs site told them what problems i’m having. Cannot connect to server and I’m using an android phone. I have spoken to others as well & their getting the same problem.
    Its been a whole day now so no way Ill be able to complete the Christmas challenges.

  5. Does anyone know if we will be able to buy some reindeers? I only have the one from last year, but I would like some more…

  6. why dont i get the presents i tapnon added to my total? I didnt get em yesterday & today…
    i only get the bonus 100 for completing the santa tasks within the time limit…
    seems that buying donuts makes collecting presents void…
    what do i do to get my present count up to where it should be??

  7. yes, i have been getting the cannot connect to server most all day as well. two times i have been able to get on. will miss the present bonus probably. I missed the end of stonecutters and all of class of clans as well. My game just came back up for halloween.

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