What Is The ‘Feds’ Button & How Does It Work?

Here’s a quick breakdown on the ‘Feds’ button that you’ve all been wondering about;

  • Complete ‘Jingle Bell Wreck Pt. 9’
  • Get Homer to call the ‘Feds’
  • You can now release ‘Feds’ in your neighbors town
  • Tapping on ‘Feds’ in your town will reward you with one present per ‘Fed’

35 thoughts on “What Is The ‘Feds’ Button & How Does It Work?

  1. Two presents for the first x# of taps, one present the next x#, then none, just like tapping on buildings. That’s how it worked for me, at least. Big fan of the Feds (in this context). I was able to get through my neighbors much faster than usual.

      • It says and I quote from the top of the page. Complete ‘Jingle Bell Wreck Pt. 9 i hope it helped some. Because I was wondering the same thing. Lol.

      • If you went to a town where you had already used your three actions for the day the fed button wont be there. Go to one where you have your three actions available and the button will show. I’m not sure if it matters whether that neighbor has downloaded the Christmas event update or not.

      • No fed button have passed daily doors but have new take drop Feds but no button ! Glitch ???

    • I think it’s a bug. I’ve completed the above, gone to friends where I’ve not done the daily activity, I have the challenge of 3 Feds, NO FED Button.

      All activities done. Homer has spoken to them. Can’t perform the activity even by hitting the task challenge of 3 Feds as a direct link to the activity.

      Bug! Glitch! Software Issue!

      Happy Christmas… 😦

  2. When will this Jingle bell wreck nr 9 be? I am now in the middle of opening tunnels, nr. 6 ( i will not get the bonus for this one, can t finish within 24 hrs, Homer is needed for a task but also just send him on a 24 hr strike, also a quest 😦 ) and there is no mention of Feds any where , nor a button.
    At the start of christmas I had to find 3 Feds, which I did ( day before yesterday appr.) but That was it. Neither was there a story line involving these Feds, they more or less came out of the blue.
    Will this still come later in the Christmas episode?

    • U Will have to get the bell 1st then complete a couple of quest (one of them are working at the power plant for 16 hours and calling the Feds takes one hour) and after homer has called in the Feds u will be able to place 3 Feds in friends town:0)
      I hope u get it soon:0)

    • I had the same time problem but decided when it came down to it at h end to spend the three donuts to finish it and move on. The number of donuts required goes down with each part completed.

  3. Please help have not been able to play christmas tapped out for about 16 hours now ? Cannot connect to server keeps showing on screen xx anyone else got a problem ?

  4. So one of my friends left 3 feds in my town and I found 2 of them – it keeps saying the third one is there but I have NO idea where he is. I have looked everywhere? Does anyone know if they hide?

  5. I am on Jingle Wreck pt. 11 and still don’t have a Fed button? I thought it was supposed to come on part 9. Anyone else have this problem?

  6. I normally get about 1 donut a day while tapping friends’ buildings, but I haven’t seen any donuts using Feds. Has anyone gotten a donut while using Feds?

  7. Question!! HELP PLEASE

    Up to Jengle Bell Wreck Pt 1, help please…
    I have no fed’s button when going into friends town to place fed’s. Help. Also noticed today that Kwik_E-Mart collects no tax no more?
    Not sure if this is right spot to ask, but please direct me to if need be.
    Thank you

  8. I completed jingle bell wreck 9 but see no Homer option to call the Feds, but another quest is open telling me to plants Feds in other Springfields. Am I missing something?

  9. I have the quest to drop Feds in friends towns but no Fed Button. Reloaded. Nada. Not that I’m dying to send government agents after my friends…well, yes I am, but no button = no Feds. Le Sigh.

  10. I’ve noticed my gift counter isn’t collecting gifts from my neighbors towns. I went through my entire list of neighbors before I realized the number never changed. Anyone else experience this glitch?

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