Now That’s A Tattoo!

Michael Baxter has 203 characters from popular cartoon series The Simpsons tattooed across his back

Hey everyone! Dropping in here to take a break from all the Christmas stuff to bring you Simpsons news of a different kind.

An Australian man, in an attempt to get himself in the Guinness Book of World Records, has had a total of 203 Simpsons characters tattooed on his back! The man said that he spent over $12,000 Australian dollars and over 130 hours under the needle in a bid to achieve the record.

Characters included in the tattoo include Homer, Lisa, Sideshow Bob and Comic Book Guy – among others. It even features scenes from places like Moe’s Tavern.

To beat the record, he must beat a New Zealand man in an attempt to have the most tattoo depicting characters from the same cartoon. The guy from New Zealand has 41 tattoos of Homer on left arm.

Guinness have accepted his application and now the waiting game begins. Some images of the possible record breaking tattoo are below.

Mr Baxter has volunteered to travel with Ms Smith to tattoo expos since the artwork was completed in 2013

Mr Baxter's tattoo artist, Jade Baxter Smith, has been 'overwhelmed' by the attention she has received over her artwork

Supporting characters - such as Sideshow Bob, the Comic Book Guy, Ned Flanders, Principal Skinners - are littered among the faces that span across Mr Baxter's back


3 thoughts on “Now That’s A Tattoo!

  1. How many elfs do I suppose to have before tunnel 10 start because I have 14 but I think I suppose to have 15. Help anyone??????????

    • Same here. My game has been glitching out when it’s time to complete tunnel quests. I can’t even click on the tunnel tile at times. If I visit Krusty Land and come back it acknowledges what I’ve completed.

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