Tomorrows Tunnel Is Going To Be Tough!

Here’s a list of tasks that will consist of tomorrows tunnel mission. By the looks of it, this is going to be a pretty tough one to complete!

Task: Make Springfielders Make Toys (x17) (4h)
Task: Make Homer Hoard Toys in the Basement (3h)
Task: Make Homer Squish Happy Little Elves on his myPad (2h)

Note that all characters that you have unlocked are eligible to complete the first task


10 thoughts on “Tomorrows Tunnel Is Going To Be Tough!

  1. Not as hard as you think. Put all toy makers on overnight and make sure you open your tunnel BEFORE tapping the thumbs above the toy shop. The toy makers completed jobs will count towards the total of 17 if you complete their task AFTER viewing the tunnel. That way you’ll already be more than half way to completing the first task and will only effectively have one round of 4 hour jobs to do to complete it.

  2. I just finished today’s tunnel and it unlocked Marge and Rev. Lovejoy to make toys, which will help freemium players quite a bit. I don’t think I realized until I read this post how many toymakers were premium!

    Get the first round by setting them up overnight and opening the tunnel before releasing the makers. Hit the next round during the lunch hour and you’ll be done. If I’m counting correctly, there are nine freemium players making toys now. Lisa, Willie, Bart, Homer, Apu, Milhouse, Marge, Ned and the Reverend. So unless you’re a newbie player, should be doable.

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