The Level 48 Buildings

Gold Navy.png

Gold Navy

Costs $724,000 and takes 24 hours to build

Requires Level 48 to build and unlocks Janey

Beer N Brawl.png

Beer N Brawl

Costs 140 Doughnuts and takes 6 seconds to build

This building unlocks Lurleen

Note that the cash price indicated above is the base price for the building and may not be the correct price for the building in the game at this time.


1 thought on “The Level 48 Buildings

  1. Hiya, I’ve got Gold Navy and the BBQ Pit but the Beer and Brawl didn’t arrive – do you know anyone else this has happened to? My daughter was tidying up her Springfield and put some buildings away and I brought them back out again, but the Motel and Miss Springfield have totally disappeared and I thought that may have something to do with it, maybe they are linked somehow? (Also, it you know how I’d get the Motel back, that’d be nice too – thanks)

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