The Simpsons Is 25 Years Old!

This day 25 years ago the first ever episode of The Simpsons aired on FOX. Can you believe it? So much has happened on that show in the last 25 years! It quickly became a family favourite and one of the biggest cartoon shows in the world – even if none of them have aged, like at all.

What’s been you’re favourite part over the last 25 years? Share below and reminisce about some if The Simpsons best episodes!


2 thoughts on “The Simpsons Is 25 Years Old!

  1. I think series 8 was the greatest ever. Most of the current games decorations, premium and unique buildings comes from this series. Hank Scorpio, Hugo, luann & the gladiator ball, Springfield files, Rev lovejoy and his train, most of the squidport, pitta wagon, Rex banner and more, all that is missing is Frank Grimes………..

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