The Phase Two Prizes

Image Item Requires
Tapped Out The North Pole.png The North Pole 1000 Elf Bells
Elf Cannon Control.png Cannon Control Building 1700 Elf Bells
Elf Bottler.png Elf Bottler 3700 Elf Bells
Tapped Out Sequel Stop.png Sequel Stop 6500 Elf Bells
Tapped Out Annual Gift Man.png Annual Gift Man 10100 Elf Bells
Tapped Out Little Helper Ralph.png Little Helper Ralph 13800 Elf Bells
Tapped Out Spruce Caboose.png Spruce Caboose 17700 Elf Bells
Tapped Out Tropical Island.png Tropical Island 22500 Elf Bells

33 thoughts on “The Phase Two Prizes

  1. All the gifts part has gone so no way of winning any thing or am I missing some thing. Homer is begging the elves to stay in the workshop. You cant build anything in there at the moment or am I jumping the gun a bit.
    I will have to see I guess.
    Happy Christmas to you all.

  2. Can’t play the game at all . I managed to get into it and start it off and even buy a couple of items and stuff but then it just stopped and keeps on stopping without getting in at all not even a bart screen .

  3. Hi. Im playing the game however when i tap the elves my points arent showing up and neither is the menu that shows you the instructions. How can i fix this?

    • I got you as friend and when I try to take some bells and then ceep going the game crashes and I am back to the home screen. I hope you get fixed your problem bro, cause it’s not fun when it deastroys us who have you as friend😊 good luck (sorry if i wrote some words wrong, you see I am from norway😊)

  4. Same issues here…. either i can log in, the spinning donut seems to hang and the game crashes or i just get the ‘bart’ screen…. not good…..
    Had the same issue for a while on 24th, EA issued what seemed to be a minor update and it was fixed…. seems to be the same issue again….and i was gonna buy some donuts… can’t see me bothering now if i can’t get into the game innit!


    NAME: missbooski492,level 48

  6. Arghhhhhhh I haven’t been able to play with the latest version of the game..keeps telling me that it’s stopped..before it was taking me to barts retry screen..

    Literally tried reinstalling and reloading for the whole day..I’ve even sent the “report”

  7. Hint: Maximizing your taps of friends bells.

    Try using your first 30 five point taps on only your friend’s cannon AND elf tunnel, they are worth double whichever allocation amount you’re currently at for the day. Instead of 150 bells you could yield 300 on those 30 taps! (Same with the 3- and 2-point taps…)

    When you clear your cannon and the elf tunnel from your friend’s taps you get 5 extra bells in addition to FP and money. It resets on those two items instantly for your next friend to tap on, so you should be checking all day as the games opens to a view of the cannon.

    And oh yeah, make it easy for your friends by placing the elf tunnel near the cannon. By doing this you can yield a couple of hundred extra bells per day.

    You can add me: bizybackson. I check almost hourly now during the day. Happy tapping & new year, everyone.

  8. I wander how many bells I’m to have in order to complete the prizes at the end… I’ve been struggling for so long to log in constantly that I am starting to doubt I’ll make it despite me playing as much as is physically possible

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