Problem With Your Christmas Gifts?

I’ve seen reports from players that they didn’t receive their Christmas gifts from EA last Thursday.

So, I contacted EA about the issue to see if they were going to implement a fix for an issue and the answer isn’t quite what I expected.

Usually when there’s a bug like this EA just issue a small game-wide fix for all players, but they’re not doing that this time. Instead they are resolving the issue on a case by case basis.

That means if you didn’t get your free gifts last week, you MUST contact EA to resolve the issue.

I’m unable to provide you with the link to contact them as I’m posting from my phone but, if you use the search bar above and type in “contact EA” it should be the first result that comes up for you.


22 thoughts on “Problem With Your Christmas Gifts?

  1. Starting a couple of days ago I noticed my sideshow you is no longer working. Just wondering if any one else’s stopped having balloons show up

  2. I am so annoyed with this game…
    When the update first came I was late downloading…
    When I did get it I thought I wasn’t going to make it in terms of getting all the prizes in phase 1, but thankfully I did…
    So I did the update for phase 2 and then it begun- I finally got on to be 2nd on the table only to not be able to get online again… lo and behold I’m getting a useless duff beer tree as compensation -who wants a flipping beer tree!!? I want prizes or doughnuts lol not a beer tree!!!!!!

    I find that with all the issues and this stupid update I’m feeling behind..I don’t even know if I’ll get all the prizes at this rate…

    This new way of getting prizes is annoying


  3. People, the “coin” in this phase of Xmas update are bells. The bottle of elves and cogs help but you should focus on collecting as many bells as you can. You need 22,500 bells to get all of the Phase 2 prizes. Here was my note on list of prizes:

    Hint: Maximizing your taps of friends bells.

    Try using your first 30 five point taps on only your friend’s cannon AND elf tunnel, they are worth double whichever allocation amount you’re currently at for the day. Instead of 150 bells you could yield 300 on those 30 taps! (Same with the 3- and 2-point taps to 6- and 4-point taps.)

    When you clear your cannon and the elf tunnel from your friend’s taps you get 5 extra bells in addition to FP and money. It resets on those two items instantly for your next friend to tap on, so you should be checking all day as the games opens to a view of the cannon.

    And oh yeah, make it easy for your friends by placing the elf tunnel near the cannon. By doing this you can yield a couple of hundred extra bells per day.

    You can add me: bizybackson. I check almost hourly now during the day. Happy tapping & new year, everyone.

    PS: How I know is I trade off with my kid’s game. She needs friends, btw. Hitherto, her town was too small and would get pretty swamped easily, but she’s caught up. Her ID is battyannchan.

    • Yes we need more land! It would be cool if there was a land expansion into the mountains and we could have the murderhorn and the Springfield dam.

  4. I’ve reached my limit of boardwalk boards? Why is there a limit on those when you can still buy ocean plots…..stupid if you ask me.
    I contacted EA about my missing bonus items. Be interesting to see if they give them to me.

  5. Had no idea the Baloon Stand feature was not working on Squidport until I saw the posts. Yep…mine is not functioning either….Sounds to me like EA has a lot of work ahead to fix a lot of problems…

  6. Had no idea the Balloon Stand feature was not working on Squidport until I saw the posts. Yep…mine is not functioning either….Sounds to me like EA has a lot of work ahead to fix a lot of problems…

  7. Hey all,
    Can someone help me out here. I contacted EA regarding the server issues as well as a few in game bugs. Ex. Sideshow Bobs balloon throw isn’t working in KrustyLand, the KwikyMart does not produce money anymore.
    The customer service was horrible. The guy couldn’t speak English nor played the game so he had no clue what my issues were. The only thing I got out of him was this; I have the most up to date version of the game and there was a patch sent out to fix this already.
    So…that leaves me with one option left. Unistall the game from my IPad 2 and reinstall. My question is, will I lose all my progress and have to start over if I do this?

    • I personally do not have an I pad, but play on my kindle fire. I have removed it completely and reinstalled it numerous times when I had issues with the game not working properly. I never lost any of the progress I had made. I just had to log my username and password in again and my game was all still there. Hope this helps. Deb

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