Server Issues Resolved

According to EA the servers are now back online. If you are taken to the beginning of the game upon opening the game, just login again to get your town back!


4 thoughts on “Server Issues Resolved

  1. Argh! It have only been a few hours, and we’ve got a quest line for New Years with many donuts, but it still put me even more behind! I wish we could get some apology from EA like 200-300 elf bells!

  2. Bells, Elf’s, Cash, dounut’s, XP. You name it, they owe us. It’s odd nothing in the way of compensation has been sent out. They have before.

    • Yup!
      I’ve just been getting the spinning donut of death for the past few hours….. This Christmas I must have spent more time locked out of the game than actually being able to play.. EA are happy to take our money but acknowledging the ddos attack aside, service this year has been truly appalling! Just not good enough EA 🚾🚾

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