Are You Going To Make It?

So, the Christmas event doesn’t end until JANUARY 13th but I feel that now is the right time to talk about this as it will give you enough time to change your event strategy if it’s required.

As of late, there have been some pretty big hugely annoying and often prolonged server outages. This in turn has had a negative effect on my Christmas Event totals. Right now I’m way behind where I need to be to get to the final prize. That means only one thing for me – I won’t make all of the prizes, at least not for ”free” anyway.

I pride myself on owning every item they’ve ever released – even the obscenely priced 500 doughnut whale. So, if I want to get everything, I’ll need to spend some doughnuts to get them. Now, that doesn’t bother me too much, it happens from time to time and there’s nothing I can do about it.

What does bother me is the amount of server issues EA have had with this event that have lead me to the situation I’m in. EA should know after two and a half years of game time, that it is during events that their servers are at their most strenuous. It is therefore my belief that EA should invest in some more reliable power once and for all or at least provide some extra server power even just for their events.

How are you doing though? Will you make it without the help of doughnuts and if not, will you be buying your remaining prizes? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


52 thoughts on “Are You Going To Make It?

  1. I’m not sure… I’ve got elf Ralph but I’ve still two prizes to go. How many bells do you need by this point to be on track? I’ve also won everything going in the events since I started (excluding that stupid holiday wheel!!), so it would be a shame to miss out.

  2. I’ll get elf Ralph today but I’m not sure I’ll finish. Does anyone know many bells should I have today in order to finish?

  3. From reading how others are doing it would appear that i will be able to get all of the prizes although im not sure how I ve managed it. It roughly takes me 2 days to get one of the prizes achieved by gaining as many bells as possible from friends only go for elf hatch and canon in your friends towns it awards 10 bells for a certain amount and then decreases. Bells mount up very quickly… also make sure that you fire your own canon regularly and from clearing any of your friends that has helped you on your elf hatch or canon as bells can also mount up this way 5 bells per friend action. I would also recommend that you upgrade your canon as soon as you are able to.

    This method has served me well with a total of just under 20000… hope this helps guys

    One other thought I had was how have some of my friends ended up with multiple elf hatches and canons..

  4. I’m at 12,579. I don’t think I’ll make it either.
    Not only have the servers been down, but there are no more tasks to complete that offer BIG bell prizes.
    Part 1 was much better. The elves are so small to find to squash it’s just too time consuming.

    • Use the auto elf bottler works pretty good on the one’s that are hiding behind buildings. Just a note from me when you can get it to work very hard to get to work most of the time. Also if you need a friend for more help with bells always looking for a new one. I’m player 572104140435 or something close to that. Have a great day.

  5. Not fairing well in part two still 600 from Ralph. Any tips would be great and could use more friends to help get though this event. On fixed income and can only put it for donuts when I can. I noticed that it said you can win or make donuts but very near impossible to ever receive them. Any help would be great it pass the time while in therapy. Any one that wants to friend me my player is 5742104140435 I think. Thanks for any help and hope 2015 is a great year for everyone. Have a great day also from player Dave.

  6. I’m abt 1000 away from the spruce caboose, but not sure how I’m going to get another 5,000 bells to get the island in time. Seems like a stretch, and idk if I’ll spend doughnuts to get it. I’ll wait and see how close I get by the last day and make the call then.

  7. I am at 16377 at the moment. Its the 12th day, so got about 1300 each day.
    22500 I neeed, right? I got about 7,5 days left, so this should be doable. (need “only” 800/day)
    The last days without quests it is a bit slowly, but definitly about 1k each day. 400 by friends (I always tap the cannon and the tunnel thing from phase 1 if its ready, if not, I use a house. I visit friends until I didnt get anymore bells).
    Firering the cannon lacks due to less of Elfs yet… but I am on 12 elfs per shot, 5 bells per elf – so 3×60 maximum (i dont get them, mostly two), in 2:30. So 1700 would be possible as theoretical maximum… but I get only 500 the last days… 3 rounds during the day. One early, one after work, one before bed… So again about 900…
    It should be doable, but harsh. And yes, they should do something. And they should do something realistic check about every event, if its balances – which isnt… they only add staff, hey this is cool, but don’t do the math behind it…

  8. does anyone know an email address where you can contact EA about problems with the game? The only one I have is where people said you would have the option to chat or email but it only gives me the option to chat and that’s a hold time or 80 minutes. My game is working okay now and I only need the last prize at this point I should make it but I have a few other issues. One I want to complain to them that I wasn’t allowed to play the game on xmas due to the bug they had so I was hoping they could give me the prizes that were given out that day. but also for some reason my quickie marts are no longer generating money – they generate the itchy and scratchy lottery tickets but not the money. Its weird.

  9. I keep looking for a chart or walk through. I have no idea if I’m on track to get all the prizes-i recently got ‘Little Helper Ralph’ but have no idea how to trigger it, it isn’t showing up when I tap Ralph. What am I doing wrong? Do I need to contact EA?

    • You need to go to your inventory, then activate ‘Elf Ralph’, thereafter you will be able to use his new skin.

      With regards to the quest totals. You need to earn around 1200 bells per day. At the end of today (6th Jan) you need to be around the 15600 bells mark in order to complete the quest and claim all prizes. Hencefore your end of day totals should be 16800 (7th), 18000 (8th), 19200 (9th), 20400 (10th), 21600 (11th) ………keeping this tempo will give you a good 36hrs over the 12th &13th to get the remaining 900 bells for the island.

      Hope this helps and good luck!

      • Thank you! I should have known to look in my inventory box- I thought I had but after reading this, I double checked and there little helper Ralph was. I am on the appropriate trajectory to get very close to finishing. Now if my town can maintain enough elves to get me there.
        Thanks for the help!

  10. Hi all, when visiting friends hit only the hatch and canon for double amount of usual bells rewarded. I’m on around 18000bells so should make last prize easy.

  11. I’m on 17.043 as I write with one bottled elf and two hundred and something cogs.
    I feel dissapointed that we’ve been locked out so much due to poor servers as usual that I feel as if I may not make it..The joke of it being that the tropical island was really the o ly prize I wanted to actually receive this whole time.

    Had I not ha e been locked out for about 3 days if not more I feel confident I would’ve made it. No duff beer tree or pointless facade will make me feel better (pointless due to the fact I don’t have lardland)..

    The thing is. It’s all well and good trying to tap on cannons and hatches to get the extra points but when you can’t (I don’t have time to be stalking people’s towns for these clicks) these you have no choice but to click on a house.. then there’s the fact that the hatch doesn’t even produce enough to keep us afloat when we’re levelling up the cannons… The elves are so tired y and blend in with the greenery and snow and that electronic device is not great.. especially on a note 3.
    I don’t want to sound like a negative nancy but im just tired of the issues that we keep experiencing for such a high profile premium game.
    If it was all free I’d completely understand..
    lol 😢 bah humbug

    • Ok so I’m now on 17550 and i have 3 bottled elves and three hundred and something cogs I’m waiting 1 hour and a half till the canon allows me to shoot them off again and I’ve visited all bell winning neigh ours for the day.. Most of them don’t reset their cannons or hatches.. so I’m out of luck for double bells..
      If I manage to get the spruce caboose today I’ll be on target for the coveted tropical island.. hopefully but I refuse as a freemium player to spend my saved up doughnuts
      Especially because it isn’t my fault…

      The fact that the server has left us all locked out I don’t know how some of you have been fortunate enough to make it… soooo annoyed
      That is all. 😊

      • I have 17.720 bells and got my Spruce Caboose.. now for the prize I’ve truly wanted.. I have a few days left.. elves are scarce and it’s hard even thought I’m currently nearly levelling the canal up to 2 hours 15mins… There is no where near enough elves to fire and i play quite alot due to my eagerness to get the island (which does actually float in the sea as I’d hoped)!!!

        Hopefully with my regular playing and diligence I’ll be able to manage it!!!

      • 20533/22500 with 4 days left I’ve got 1 elf to shoot and 351 cogs. My Canon resets every 2 hours 15 mins. Hopefully I’m thankful to say that I will no doubt complete this Christmas theme and gain all the prizes but it’s sure been hard work.
        Here are my top tips👈

        *1. When visiting neighbours click on the hatch and Canon because they score you more bells than anything else
        *2. Make sure you Co tenuously click your hatch and Canon when people visit because this also collects more bells
        *3. If you get that annoying screen that asks to retry (Bart) because it can’t connect to the server, (this is quite annoyingly long) just uninstall the game and reinstall it. Worked a treat for me
        *4. If you can’t be bothered to search for/zap elves all day, make your life easier… go to the yellow cross (as if you’re taking something out your inventory or moving something around, select buildings/roads/decorations so that only people are visible and voila! You’ll find those pesky hiding little miniscule elves!!!
        *5. Seems simple, but visit your friends! The first 30 or so get you bells
        *6. Also another no brainer… The more you play the more bells you get
        *7. Lastly; try to level your canon up as much as possible and if you can’t play regularly try to play at least when it’s time to fire those elves.. 2 – 4 hours at the least!!!

        Hope it helps xxx

  12. Why should we have to spend donuts to get the final prize? Total rip! I’m a freemium player and I refuse to use hard earned donuts. Due to server issues I think EA should extend its time limit by a week.

  13. I’de like to hit only elf hatch and canon but only appr. 1 of 8 is active. Even if I come back several times to the same neighbours these items remain empty/ without the little fire or bell. How is that possible ? What makes these items become active anyway ?
    (I am not sure i will get the last prize, hope so, like the island most of the all )

  14. To counter the sever issues I’ve been uninstalling and ‘re-installing the game. It’s a hassle but it works! You should do it everytime you get the – try again – with a counter. Like I said its a hassle to ‘re- install but trust me it works! I’m way ahead of schedule.. I’ll get my island today! Good luck! I hope this helps. 🙂

  15. Maybe EA should postpone the ending? Earning the bells just goes to slow. And i have been at it apr 4 times a day at least, but still struggling to get 17700 for the train. Next to the server delays there is also something not right with the schedule it seems. I am at 13 /20 upgrading the canon, so still 1/3 to go but we are almost at the end of the event ?
    And there now are only 4 days to get the island. At this pace i don t think i will make it. ( and I am not going to spend an exaggerated amount of donuts for it). That is disappointing for I had holidays so more time to spend but nevertheless probably I will miss one price.

  16. I agree that the elf/bell/cannon balance is way outa whack, and we’ve noticed several issues with what quests they did have just stopping mid-quest and never prompting the next step. Annoying.

    On the elf/cannon/bell thing, I actually have waaay more elves (400) than cannon-firing opportunities (and I’m down to 2.5 hr or so on the cannon) and I’m popping in there regularly.

    I noticed in some comments that folks were needing more elves but finding them is annoying (I’m not a fan of that gadget either)…

    ***TIP, once you’ve found a decent amount via just incidentally resetting your town and looking for them, find the stragglers by turning off all the layers except the character one (makes buildings, roads, scenery transparent).

  17. By today (jan 7) you should be at 16,500 bells. 20,000 by Saturday and then you should have no problem getting all the prizes.

  18. For those of you who obtain the ultimate and have every item the game ever offered, I have to know… Will you spend the dounuts to upgrade the canon to level 20? I ask because it changes form from the original, it kinda “beefs” up. Just curious.
    I’d like to think I’m way ahead on the bell count. I should have the island in a few hours but I’m still on level 13 with my canon because of the cog output situation. Just was wondering if you’re in the same boat?

    • Yes I’m on level 13 too with cannon. I’m at 20000 bells so I should have the final prize in a few days. I think everyone is behind in the cogs there is not enough.

  19. I’m just about to receive Elf Ralph and hope to acquire the Caboose before the end. I have NO aspirations of obtaining the island; it’s just not gonna happen, which is a shame. I really wanted that darn island!

  20. 20560 – cannon lvl 13 = 12 shots a 6 bells, 2:30 – I am currently at 360 wheels/460, so I will update it to lvl14 soon, but then there is only the 13. shot – not a big help. So saturday I will finish the event.

    The quest row from ralph didn’t give any bells, am I correct? Or miss I a message, I often click too fast. The spruce thing gives 100 bells after one short quest (no quest row).

      • Got cash only too. On all Ralph quests. Might get the next prize before the event end. No bells or very few received. No elves or when I do no cogs from bottling them. Part 2 not that great. But did get the new island that was released today.

  21. Have to say quite possibly the worst update EA ever made, and I thought they couldn’t get any stupider than the Easter update with the rabbits last year, woo hoo, they laid a real rotten egg with Xmas Part 2.

    I mean really, make the cannon cool down less and less but keep the # elves per hour at 6 or 7??? Some programmer flunked basic kindergarten math. The game got old fast. Suck up elves into jars then when you have enough fire them into other people’s towns? Seriously? So repetitive. BORING!

    The prizes in a word, sucked… No questline for either Ralphskin, train or island?? I really want the time back I wasted in the last two weeks. Not worth the effort to get the stupid island when it does nothing. If you didn’t get all the prizes don’t waste your donuts.

    • There is now I’m making it. Since I upgraded my cannon to twelve I’m losing more bells then getting. I don’t know if this is happening to other players, but it misfires is the best why to put it. I’ll have my next three fires and when you tap it the game glitches. When it does it little rest the cannon is in cool down mold again. Yes, you guessed it no bell are received. Also few elves throw cogs out or I get the little sign you have bottled them all and more will come soon. Part two is by far is EA’s way to try to get you to spend the donuts. Thanks for the heads up on the last prizes. I also could use a little help in the friends area to help get those extra bells. Anyone can friend me just look up player 5742104140435. Thank you all if you friend me. Hope everyone has good 2015 and a thanks go’s to friends that just friend-ed me in the last three days. Dave

  22. I’m not even close to getting the second last and I usually get everything. Hated all the problems with this event.

    Hope everyone has a great year of tapping ahead of them.

  23. I’ve just read, that because of glitches and lockouts recently, the Xmas event will be extended unitl the 18th….
    Anyone else heard the rumour?

    • Can’t confirm this but I hope this isn’t true. Sure I want everyone to be able to catch up and get the prizes they would’ve earned had there been no issues…But I’m done with part 2, biggest waste of time.
      I’d rather EA just give the prizes away!

  24. I got my last prize a couple of days ago but I spent a few doughnuts at the begining of the event to speed things up.
    Out of my 100 friends it looks like 90% won’t be able to get the last couple of prizes, that is unacceptaple! It is not fair that players miss out because the game is full of glitches.

  25. I didn’t read all the comments so forgive me if this was mentioned:

    The event was extended! We have until the 18th. Click on the “?” in the up right corner of the personal prizes screen. YAY!

    • It doesn’t show that when I clicked on it. Doesn’t really matter since there are no elves to bottle. Lost a whole day and when finally got back on to play only been getting four elves. I’m still down 925 to get last prize. Only way I see it happening is gaining 80 friends today. Then I could get them that way. Lol, like that’s going to really happen. This part 2 has really sucked. Hope others fared better then I.

  26. it would be nice if when the event ends that we could get donuts for left over cogs and elves…..maybe a donut for every 100 ? always feel skanked at the end of events that i put time and effort and $$ into…everything left over just goes away and feel empty.

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