There’s Only A Few Hours Left!

The 2014 Christmas Event will come to an end at some point tomorrow. As usual it will require an App Store update for it to be removed. If you want a little extra time before your forced to update, turn off automatic updates to ensure you get as much extra time as you can but it is usually no more then 24 hours and you will not be able to visit neighbors until you update.

I’ll keep you updated on the impending update and any new content it may bring.


7 thoughts on “There’s Only A Few Hours Left!

    • I think EA threw us bone for once. They probably realized that the first deadline was difficult, and there were the points when EA’s servers were down.

  1. And again problems: can’t connect to the server. Irtritating while it’s the last time (before going to work) to finish the event for me 😦

  2. The timer ends today, on both screens.
    But on the general description about event – if you click on the small ?button, there is 18th as end day – but propably a typo 13\18…

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