Christmas Event Extended

The Christmas event has been extended by one more day. This is most likely due to the widespread server issues that plagued the game earlier this month and prevented people from playing the game and progressing in the event.

No official word as to why the extension was issued, so this is really just a guess although it could also be down to a delay get the new version of the app approved for release from any or all of Apple, Google Play and Amazon.

I’ll keep you updated on any update!


5 thoughts on “Christmas Event Extended

  1. Annoying as with 2 hours to go I knew I wouldnt make it so spent 30 donuts to get the island. Then 5 minutes later I reloaded the game only to get the update that extended by another day.

  2. Weird. I guess the six says was an error. All day yesterday it said 6 days and # hours left. Changed it to 1 day. Hope I can make it. Got 20700 now

  3. I’m going to come up a bit short… I have 20849 and need 22500 for the Island.
    Should I spend the 130 Doughnuts for it?
    Is it worth it?
    Does it produce $ or add % to bonus $?

  4. Update in Playstore – once again 450MB download. World is now green again – and as last year this looks weird the first time after long snow. 😉

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