Gil’s Back & He Brought A . . . Princess?

Gil is back guys and he brought a castle and a princess costume for Lisa with him. Here’s everything you need to know about the castle;

  • Costs 175 Doughnuts
  • Comes with 1 skin – one for Lisa
  • Size is 9×8
  • Flag blowing animation
  • No multiplier that I know of

Also, check your inventory for the three islands that were on sale during Christmas, that’s right you get one of each for FREE!


8 thoughts on “Gil’s Back & He Brought A . . . Princess?

  1. Maybe it is (free island) a gesture for those who couldn’t get the island in time? So thats nice. But rather EA-unlike 😉, so on the other hand they raised the price for a lottery ticket, 99 cts ( was 89) ( and they don’t give much donuts either, only 6 or 9 donuts, after 5 I stopped, so no castle for me alas). And I think witch Marge is gone? And there is something with the brick walls? Well, suppose all will be fixed with the new update.

    • Itunes just charged me for 6 turns, though i am sure I just played 5. Well, don t fancy making an issue over 99 cts but it does settle the matter: 45 donuts (which I won totally) out of 5 turns already was a bit mean, but being ripped off bluntly makes me think not twice but a dozen times before I spend any money. Six euros for 45 donuts, really ! Well, go and buy yourselves some new servers, EA.

      • Oh, haha, I now see: there is a Euro sign on the new castle ! Haha, how sarcastic. Well, at least you are honest about it. ( but, really … )

  2. After 9 months of dayly playing and saving i got today again donuts from BobsBaloons, so i save 153 donuts with level ups, events, neighbours and so on…. and bought now Professor Frinks Lab.
    The prices are incredibly high… i would never boy it for Euro, for that they have to lower the prices to 1/10th… i dont give 100+E for some more “premium” pixels…

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