When Should We Expect The Valentines Day Event?


The game’s been pretty quiet these days as there’s really not much happening. So, to break the radio silence that’s been going on over here I thought I’d engage in a little bit of speculation. Namely, Valentines Day 2015!

The 2013 Valentines Event started on January 30th 2013 and the 2014 Valentines Event began on February 5th 2014.

So, when is it going to start this year? Well, the events seem to begin within a week of their release the previous year. That being said, I would expect it between the 3rd to 5th. My guess is that we’ll see it on the 4th, a Wednesday. Why? I don’t really know that’s just when I expect it.

When do you expect it and what would you like to see added this year? A post with all items added for 2013 and 2014 will be published later this week.


7 thoughts on “When Should We Expect The Valentines Day Event?

  1. I want it to start the first of February and be done by the 21st. I would like a free character and another activity for Mr. Teenage other than with Krusty. Same as Stampy.

  2. Yep. More land. I’ve finally almost reached capacity. Also, though this is not related to getting new objects, please, dear Lord, EA, change the brick walls back to their original thickness. Or at least alter them to the point where they join up properly.

    That being said, I was very pleased with the addition of Mindy. I would love another character of the same caliber (and free – i.e. doesn’t cost donuts) this year as well.

  3. Having a problem with one of my friends town each time I try to visit I get kicked off the game can this be fixed he has no trouble visiting my town

    • I had that too, i ended up just doing 2 activities as it crashed doing the third, fir some reason it fixed itself after 2weeks roughly

    • an you tell me how much content is displayed in their town and how old your device is? Sometimes if there is a town with finely decorated buildings and vast forests it will either run slow or crash the game all together on older devices.

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