Those Stupid Brick Walls….

So last night I decided to create a sort of a ”Millionaires Row” in my Springfield by way of creating a small sectioned off area for all of the mansions in the game. My original plan was to surround this area with red brick walls so as to keep out the ”riffraff” so to speak. But, I cant.

Thanks to a recent update, the normal red brick walls are smaller than the graffiti ones, as shown above. Not only that, but they also only rotate two ways and depending on where you want to place them, they don’t meet properly at the corner.

So now I need to figure out a new way to section off the area as I just don’t think the other walls in the game will give me the effect I’m looking for. What are your thoughts on the new brick walls? I think they are completely stupid!


10 thoughts on “Those Stupid Brick Walls….

  1. I had to use hedges for my millionaires row. It’s annoying how the fencing only come in one size. I wish there gates to go with fences.

  2. I had a similar idea for my Springfield; but instead of using brick walls I decided to try and make a sort of “Great Wall” out of the expansive surplus of castle walls I have from the “Clash of Clones” event. I never seem to have the time to rearrange my town, so I’ve never tried it. Just a suggestion.

  3. I couldn’t really find a good fit for red brick walls in my town.Then Xmas came and I found that red brick (with iron railing spacers) made a terrific border for my toy shop and other Xmas stuff.My North Pole if you will. ( looks awesome!) But now it’s flawed and no amount of camouflage( trees,buildings,etc…) will make as cool as it was 😦 All we can do is hope the EA employee responsible for this will sober up soon!! Say no to drugs kids!!

  4. One cannot change an item that already excists. I already have a wall with these and the grafity ones. Now of course it has become rather disorderly. Why did they change it? ( I do think howoever that smaller walls are more natural , the are very thick now, but of course they should fit and should make corners and all walls then should change.)
    And in general it would be very handy if you could turn áll items in 4 ways!

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