See Something Familiar During Last Nights Episode?

Last night saw the premiere of “The Must Who Fell To Earth” episode on FOX and I seen something I recognized at the end of the episode. What was it you ask? It was Tapped Out! Check out the images below!

This isn’t the first time the game’s been featured on the show though. It also made an appearance last season too, as evident by the GIF below!


4 thoughts on “See Something Familiar During Last Nights Episode?

  1. There was a new episode of Myth Busters last night that featured two Simpsons myths. Bart throwing a cherry bomb in the toilet and Homer holding onto a wrecking ball to prevent his house from being knocked down.

  2. I’d just like something new tbh, being on level 48 and having silly missions thrust on me because I’ve “clocked” the game makes play less fun… even though to be fair I’m still trying to buy all the land/sea/broadwalk possible as well as buying pointless stuff like the oil rig (which does nothing)… but I want to feel like tapped out has a purpose lol… does anyone else feel the same!!?
    Lol 😴

    • Yes definitely I’m waiting on Valentine’s day event to start. It’s kinda boring right now. We went from Halloween thanksgiving and Christmas event back to back and now nothing. I need some event to do.

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