The Level 49 Buildings

Here are the buildings added with level 49. Prices and characters it comes with are mentioned below also.

Note that prices below may not indicate the prices in the game at this time. This is due to building prices being changed with the introduction of every new level.  The warehouse building can only be placed on Squidport.

D’Amico Summer House


Cost: $1,092,000

Character Included: Michael D’Amico

Build Time: 24 Hours

Rancho Relaxo


Cost: 130 Doughnuts

Character Included: Don Vittorio

Build Time: 6 Seconds

Old Abandoned Warehouse


Cost: $708,000

Character Included: NONE

Build Time: 24 Hours


8 thoughts on “The Level 49 Buildings

  1. Hrhr, i saved up to 7.6mio to get finally the oil rig – but nooo, now I am about 1.8mio short. 😉
    It was the same with last level up, I saved for this chocolate thing, and could save again for the new oil rig.

    EA keeps me saving… 😉

  2. I logged on today to find I gained two new doughnuts and a new level only to look at the bar and realised that just as soon as I’ve started a new level I’ve almost completed it.

    Well at least this new Land should have me saving for a while eh!? 😊

      • 😂 Most deffo… but I’m quite bummed because I was trying to save up for the last few items ie. The escalator, oil rig, diamond zirconia thingy, popsicle building etc.
        See I’ve only been playing since about March last year.. I’ve completed it in about June last year but still trying to keep up with updates etc.
        😊 life goes on… another day another tapped out adventure I suppose!!!

  3. Any idea if Squidport will allow us to create more boardwalk sections soon? I’ve maxed out, yet with the new space and buildings, I’m running out of room.

    • I don’t I’m afraid 😦 I myself have no room to place the warehouse on the boardwalk so after the missions are done I will have to put it back in storage until EA decide to give us some extra tiles.

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