Level Guides For Level 48 and 49 Now Available

Level 49.png

The level guides for both level 48 and 49 are now available. Walkthroughs are included on both pages, including the premium quests. To see the level guides, please navigate to the ‘Level Guides’ page, scroll to the bottom of the page and make your selection.

On a side note, over the past several days I have been working to complete the guides for all levels. I have completed several guides since the beginning of the week and placed their level up messages on the Level Guides page. For the moment they are marked as private so you are not able to view them but here’s a rundown of what I’ve completed and marked private and what I still need to do;


  • Level 25
  • Level 26
  • Level 27
  • Level 28
  • Level 29
  • Level 30
  • Level 31
  • Level 32
  • Level 46
  • Level 47


  • Level 33
  • Level 34
  • Level 35
  • Level 36
  • Level 37
  • Level 38

Once I complete the remaining guides, I will publish all of them at once. I am working to get them completed a soon as I can. I’ll let you know when I get them published.


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