The Stonecutters Are Back…

The Stonecutters items are back on sale once again. If you already got everything from last June, the only things you can buy are the walls and the pyramid.

Upside? All of the Stonecutters skins, and number one now pay out at the premium rate.

Downside? It looks really really bad for a Valentines Day event this year.

All items are on sale for one week.


16 thoughts on “The Stonecutters Are Back…

  1. Well, either they’re late and canceling the update, or they simply want to mess with us. This is, as you say, not looking good either..

    If you need a regular neighbor add me: RAULIGENS

  2. I am so looking forward to all cute decorations… I started playing just before the Stonecutters event, and I had a few decorations from that (and can now add some ore), but I am really looking out for the Valentine Day event. Pretty please with a cherry tree on top?

  3. Easter is early this year, maybe event after event wasn’t the great idea in the past. stonecutters, medival, helloween, winter… how many days without an event was that? i think maybe 10 in the whole time…

  4. I honestly think that if we don’t have an event by Monday, we won’t have one. But I still think it’s coming! I wouldn’t really mind a shorter event from maybe tomorrow or Saturday til th end of February. As long as they just make the hearts or currency easier to get or just lower the limits (if they planned for a shorter event than obviously). I’m psyched for the event! From October 2013-March 2014 was my break from the game because I was bored from it. Missing last years Vday I can’t wait to get last years stuff!

    And for stonecutters… I think it’s great! I finished the whole event but hey premium rate is good for me!

  5. Limited new characters and EAs lethargy lately could indicate the beginning of the end for TSTO?! ………. I really hope NOT. But the non appearance of the Valentines event, has me seriously concerned.

  6. Well, last valentine update pretty much sucked in my opinion ( I MISSED ONLY ONE PRICE ON THE FREAKIN’ CRUSTY WHEEL, AND I NEVER GOT IT!!!) so yeah I don’t care that much… Though I would have liked to see a new character for in game money.

    Also, look at the fact that family guy TQFS DOES have a valentine event… If EA doesn’t want to lose a lot of players to that game, they should air an event!!!

  7. Well I guess no Valentine event this year 😥. Maybe EA is bussy with a Spectacular event for the 50th play level. We’re almost there……

    • Maybe 50 is the last level anyway…?
      Because which char is missing? Dont come with another stripper/one episode char.
      Or they give old premium chars now for free.
      Barney would be nice, but for 250 donuts – no way!

  8. Maybe instead of Valentines day event we’ll get a large Saint Patricks Day event rather than the normal smaller event. And then we’ll get and Easter event after. Hopefully we’ll get a nice level 50 update with a ton to keep us busy until then. I hope at least valentines day wise we get a yard sale of past Vday stuff on Friday or saturday

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