The Waiting Game Continues. . .

Much to my surprise, we didn’t get the Valentines Day update yesterday and it is looking increasingly doubtful that we’ll get the update today either with every passing moment.

So, I know that no event was ever confirmed to take place this month but if we look at it logically, I really can’t see how we wouldn’t. Here’s a quick look at the reasons why there should be an event this year;

  • There has been one for the past two years
  • EA usually issue App Store updates every 2 months – the last was December
  • EA won’t miss the chance to sell old seasonal items to newer players
  • EA won’t miss the chance to sell new content to long time players
  • Without events, people will have no real reason to buy doughnuts on a regular basis

I ill keep you updated on any developments on the updates front, but until then, the waiting game continues…


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