10 thoughts on “A Quick Message

  1. FYI, I have had a similar problem occasionally on my iPad and find that a total reboot of the iPad fixes the problem – mine varied from difficulty logging in to random drop outs once I was in. I am assuming it is a caching issue with my device as i do not turn it off as such very often.

  2. I’ve also had this issue, I got round it by logging in on my phone over the phone network, logging out from there and then back in on my tablet… Hope that helps!

  3. I had similar troubles during the last event.Uninstall the game.Then download it again from the store.Then log with your Origin password…I’m sure you’ve already tried this,but it doesn’t always work on the first attempt. Good luck !! Apu prays to Ganesh for the salvation of your game! 🙂

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