The Update Is LIVE

Check the App Store guys, the event has begun! More info soon!


6 thoughts on “The Update Is LIVE

  1. Plus it looks like we get bartman! I have been waiting for that skin ever since I got the comic book store and on the side of the building is a poster of him! Wonder when we get him?! The new update looks sweet so far:D

  2. I wish I had read this lastnight..
    So annoyed with myself.

    I woke up to play, (as usual) and set all my workers to task; (as usual) start visiting my neighbours only to find there is an update available… so I have to manually download.
    Why doesn’t it action to do it automatically anymore!!?

    I’m now behind 😕 so I’m going to have to wait till 2pm GMT till my missions begin. So dissapointed. Com 😡

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