Here’s The Guide To Crafting…

Just in case you missed the crafting guide for phase 2, here it is again for your viewing pleasure.


15 thoughts on “Here’s The Guide To Crafting…

  1. What do you have to get before you can do any crafting for prizes as so far I’ve got nothing for catching the criminals except pies.

  2. I wasted today 4 donuts for crap, because the Checkbox wasn’t set… graa

    I got about 5000 pies / day, so 55000 should be easy doable in 14 days.

    • I am thinking about getting one. It might be a good idea to get one. There are a lot of prizes you can get from crafting but I don’t know if you’ll be able to collect enough crafting items without the squad card.

      • The squad card will very likely only increase the normal stuff that is dropped, not any crafting items. In friend towns you only get phones from buildings anyways. I dont recommend buying the card.

  3. Hey Everybody
    A lot of people have been asking about crafting. To start crafting you need to unlock THE COLLECTOR you will need to collect 29,000 pies. Once you have the Collector you will start a three part quest with the Collector, Clownface and Kumiko. When you have finished the quest then the collecting begins.
    A icon with the Collectors face will appear in the top right corner of your screen click him to access the crafting menu or click the Androids Dungeon.
    Criminals will begin to drop lock picks when you tap them ” not all criminals will drop lock picks”
    Once you have five lock picks you can craft the Botanical Gardens.
    Next the criminals will begin to drop more items, capes, hadcuffs and telephones and more crafting prizes will be unlocked. Zenith City Apartments, Zenith City Lofts and Zenith City Storefront.
    Once you have crafted those three buildings Zenith City Times unlocks and is able to be crafted.
    There is a red phone booth that can be crafted as well and it can be placed in your Springfield or Squidport.
    The phone booth, apartments, lofts and storefront can be crafted more than once.
    And of course you can use doughnuts to speed up crafting.

  4. Does anyone know if crafting will continue into phase 3 of this quest or will it end as soon as phase 3 begins? I have 82,000 pies and at this stage have only crafted one building

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