Air Fortress Now Available

A new item is now available for purchase – an Air Fortress. The item is premium, at 225 doughnuts and generates cash and XP every 8 hours.

There is a quest chain that comes with it and according to it, the fortress is the squads flying HQ. I find that to be a little odd because if it is indeed another HQ, why then does it not generate event currency like the building does?

Anyway, it is four by four is size, space wise but it is actually much, much bigger then that and depending in how and where you place it, it will block out some things. It can also b placed on Squidport for those of you who may be left wondering.

The walkthrough for this and the phase 2 prizes will be available tomorrow.


3 thoughts on “Air Fortress Now Available

  1. Not a terrible event. Very creative. The only annoying part is that the prizes take to much currency to get. I mean there are a lot of prizes but I get one like every 3-4 days :/

    Hopefully we’ll get an easter event after this event. I loved last year’s despite the wheel.

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