Walkthrough: Dr. Colossus Returns!

Dr. Colossus Returns!

Dr. Colossus Prize.png
MESSAGE: Dr. Colossus has been placed in your inventory.
Dr. Colossus Icon.png It is I – Dr. Hector Von Colossus – the greatest evil genius of all time!
Fallout Boy Icon.png *gasp* Of course! Dr. Colossus must be behind Radioactive Man’s death!
Dr. Colossus Icon.png The Mind Control Ray I purchased online worked better than I’d dreamed. And it came with free shipping!
Dr. Colossus Icon.png I suppose we should now call him Radio-Inactive Man? HA HA HA HA!
Dr. Colossus Unlock.png
After tapping “OK” you are taken to the “Super Villains” character collection. After clicking back arrow or cross:
Task: Make Dr. Colossus Laugh Maniacally
Dr. Colossus Icon.png With Radioactive Man out of the way, I have big plans for Springfield. Some might even call them…
Dr. Colossus Icon.png COLOSSAL … MUA HA HA HA!
MESSAGE: What foul felony does Dr. Colossus have up his sleeve? Roll up your sleeves to find out on March 10th!

8 thoughts on “Walkthrough: Dr. Colossus Returns!

  1. 30k today and plenty of time for the remaining 25k – so its possible. I’ve never use donuts, I only play 3 times a day…
    I wonder, what all possible crafts are – i think maybe there I will miss some, because my luck is always bad… 😉

  2. i used to like the chart where they listed by when you should have things in order to get everything. I’m at about 47,200 pie bombs, but I’m not close really to crafting anything. I made a telephone booth just to make something. the game should kick out more things (capes, handcuffs, etc.) feel like they’re a bit stingy.

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