Here’s What’s Happening Right Now…

Hey guys, it appears I’ve missed a lot in just one day and here’s a quick post to catch you up!

-St. Patrick’s day has made it’s way to Springfield with lots of Irish themed stuff and green rivers.

-The St. Patrick’s Day stuff will be in the store for just 4 more days, so grab what you can while you can!

-Gil is back with another deal this time it’s yet another castle, Blarney Castle no less.

-I believe that the castle costs 115 doughnuts but I could be wrong and being Irish myself, I just couldn’t resist it!

Now, I just wanted to let you know that my absence over the past few days has been due to an onslaught of headaches and migraines that is really beginning to annoy me so any kind of light or noise is really killing my eyes!

Anyway enough of that, I want to wish all of our readers a very happy, safe and enjoyable St. Patrick’s Day! Tomorrow I’ll post a few cool pictures of how we and others around the world celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and here’s a small hint, you might see a lot of green, like everywhere!


7 thoughts on “Here’s What’s Happening Right Now…

  1. The castle looks quite nice, I bought it. But it seems a bit out of perspective, doesn t it? It is very petite? Shouldn t the tower be much higher? Well, besides, the Fall out episode runs quite nicely, no irrating developments this time, and prices are really worthwhile and come in a reasonable pace. So compliments! ( But this green water everywhere, uggh! Gladly st patrick doesnot last very long)

  2. Ugg migraines suck! I get them too. I have been plagued by them all week. I find that two extra strength Tylenol do the trick and a ice cold wash cloth across the forehead helps too.

      • I’ve been a ‘migranineur’ for MANY years and have tried just about EVERY med on the market…. the problem is with painkillers is that they can exacerbate the problem and cause ‘rebound headaches’…

        BY FAR the best thing i’ve found is believe it or not camomile tea…. SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        I discovered it by accident after cutting my caffeine intake massively (no it wasn’t the caffeine because i tried many other hot drinks before i tried camomile.
        I was looking for an alternative hot drink to coffee as i can’t stand the taste of decaff…… spent about a year or so looking around and picked camomile because it was ‘the best of a bad bunch’…. nothing compares with my beloved coffee… 😦

        After a few days my migraines became less serious…. the auras became less intense and now i very rarely get one and if i do the aura is minimal….
        i still get the prodrome phase but again it’s not as intense and the camomile, although it relaxes you, doesn’t have weird and unpleasant effects like tompirimate or beta blockers…

        I SWEAR by this stuff and NO i’m not some hippy new age type either!

        HTH mate cos migraines are evil!!

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