New, Limited Time Mystery Box Now Available

EA have updated the mystery box and the prizes are much better. That said, it’s only for a limited time because the regular mystery box returns on May 1st. The updated one now costs 6 doughnuts and every player will get one for free when they log in. Here’s what’s inside them and remember, if you have one of the unique premium items already, you get their value in doughnuts instead!

Lard Lad Donuts: 2%
*Blue Haired Lawyer: 14.2%
*Kearney: 6.6%
*Tire Fire: 14.2%
Channel 6 News Van 6.6%
Itchy Scratchy Billboard: 6.6%
*Squeky Voiced Teen: 14.2%
30 Donuts: 1%
10 Donuts: 2%
1979 Onda: 6.6%
Bomb Shelter: 6.6%
Minnow Pond: 6.6%
Khlav Kalash Stand: 6.6%
*Lemon Tree: 6.2%

* = Unique Item


10 thoughts on “New, Limited Time Mystery Box Now Available

  1. I was extremly lucky, started with 57 dounts, got (next to a few times donuts):
    2 x Lard Lard donuts
    Tire Fire
    Blue haired lawyer
    2 x news van
    Bill board

    The other unique items are already owned by me, so I have all prices (and some minnow ponds and bombshelters)

  2. Thank you EA! Nicest thing they’ve done for us in a while. Cheap price… Better prizes! With the free one I got the tire fire and with my 178 doughnuts, I decided I finally had something good to ris-uhhhh-spend them on. I ended up spending 36 dougnuts (so far) and got:
    1st. Blue Haired Lawyer
    2nd. Itchy and Scratchy Billboard
    3rd. Bomb Shelter
    4th. Minnow Pond
    5th. News Van
    6th. Kalash Stand.

    Still a great deal despite the 3 lame prizes! I’ll definitely try to get Kearny or Lard Lad later this month!

  3. Yeah, no more parking lots.

    For the free box I got crap for sure (the Shelter), but tomorrow I got the next and I will see.
    I have some of the characters already, so If I get lucky, I get donuts to buy other – nice.

    The chance to get something worth donuts is about 2/3, thats good. And until May I got several chances…

  4. I got Lard Lad Donuts finally…3 of them!! Plus news van, lawyer, and Kearney. Also won around 80 donuts plus billboards and the rest multiple times. Loved this but now what to do with 3 Lard Lads?

  5. I have gotten them all but, Lemon tree, Onda and 30 donuts.2 signs 2 shelter and 3 of the 10 donuts.. guess ive been real lucky.

  6. i love it! i came back today after quitting for about a year, I had saved up 110 donuts before quitting, got every price and 72 donuts left. (i got donuts from the box a few times and already had the tree and squeeky voiced teen.)

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