How’s The Mystery Box Treating You?

So the mystery box is all new and improved since our latest update and everyone’s been given a free one to celebrate. I myself got 2 for free because of the daily bonus, and I bought a few. Here’s what I got and keep in mind I already have all the unique items;

— Itchy and Scratchy Billboard
— Channel 6 News Van
— Channel 6 News Van
— 10 Doughnuts

So as you can see I done quite well, more importantly though, how did you get on?


18 thoughts on “How’s The Mystery Box Treating You?

    • Although, I now have to ask why?
      They are basically giving us Kearney and the Bluehaired Lawyer. Both of which would have been useful in past events. I believe we could have used Kearney to trick or treat and if memory serves correctly the Bluehaired Lawyer has had the ability to add to quest lines.

      So what’s next? Seems like EA choose these 2 for a reason. Any thoughts?

      • Yeah Kearney was able to trick or treat. I think he was dressed as the Joker. The blue haired lawyer has been in several quest lines so he is a good premium character to have.

  1. I Have been lucky. Had three mystery boxes saved in my inventory (from when you open a mystery box to find a mystery box).
    I have won:-
    Channel 6 news van
    Blue haired lawyer
    Lard lads doughnuts

  2. Hopefully I get some donuts for my mystery box in two days. I let my little cousin play my game and he used over sixty donuts. It took me so long to get those donuts because I don’t spend my money. Now I have only a few donuts left 😔😞😞😔😞

  3. I got 2x crap of the free box and the weekly box, so I hate EA.

    But I got 20 donuts for easter and spent it to 3 additional boxes. I Got the Lawyer, The Burning Tires, 30 more donuts (I bought Squeaky year ago) and bought more… Large Lad and additional crap. (Onda, another shelter, 2 lakes, …)
    But I am now pleased. 😉

  4. The 1st one (the one u get for free) was god to me… 30 donuts but the 2nd one not so good… I got the nuclearshelter… I got all items already so I won’t be spending donuts on buying more

  5. Blue Haired Lawyer
    Channel 9 Van
    Tire Fire
    Lard Land Donuts
    2 Ponds
    2 Cars
    Bomb Shelter
    Khlav Kalash Stand:
    30 donuts – probably cause already had Squeaky voice teen
    Itchy and Scratchy Billboard
    Think this time I have done really quite well out of the mystery boxes. 1 Free Box, 2 from waiting the 5 days and brought the rest. Some of course where purchased through the 30 donuts I won.
    I now have all the unique items as I already own the Lemon Tree

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